Force newly registered users to be created under a reseller


The reseller functionality in Fleio will be deprecated and removed from Fleio in the following months. We recommend that you do not use this feature any more.

Docker installation

As of 2021.06.1, there’s no Fleio command that could ease the edit of the enduser configuration files.

In order to assign the user (that sign up at the reseller’s domain) to a certain reseller, you will have to enter the reseller’s container and edit the files located at:

  • /var/webapps/fleio/frontend/site/constants/constants.js

  reseller_client_id: null,
  • /var/webapps/fleio/frontend/enduser/assets/config/enduser.config.json

    "usernameInputLabel": null

Package installation

In order to automatically assign the newly registered users to a certain reseller, you need to add the following variable in the `/var/webapps/fleio/frontend/site/constants/constants.js` file, in the var user_config brackets:

var user_config = {
    reseller_client_id: XXXXX,
    flavors_as_cards: true

The client ID can be obtained directly from the Fleio client dashboard, by accessing Clients & users -> Clients -> click on the reseller that you want to set and on overview you tab you will find “ID: xxxxx”.

The final step is to restart Fleio services (see Restarting Fleio).