Reseller end-user configuration


The reseller functionality in Fleio will be deprecated and removed from Fleio in the following months. We recommend that you do not use this feature any more.

Product configuration

After finishing the backend and frontend configuration, you need to create a new reseller product. This can be done from fleio staff area -> Billing -> Products -> Bottom-right button -> Create product


After creating the product you will need to create the billing cycles. We will add a one time tax for this example. By pressing the middle button from the three top right buttons you will be able to create new cycles


The final product should look like the following:


Reseller account

A regular client will be able to order the reseller product, as you can see bellow:


Upon ordering the service the client’s will have 1 unpaid invoice of 10$.

After paying the invoice. The client will have to notify the Fleio staff by a ticket, where he will confirm the payment and will send the reseller domain he wants to be used.

After that, the staff will need to manually activate the order by accessing Billing -> Orders -> click on the order that needs to be activate -> from top right corner click on set as verified -> click on accept.

THe next step will be to access the client details (Clients & users -> Clients), go on Reseller service tab and create the service. On product name you need to select the product (Reseller PRODUCT in my example) and the product cycle.

Final step in this configuration is to Change the enduser panel url. This will be the reseller domain and will help the reseller with the impersonation feature. Note that the enduser panel url must be in the following format: