How to customize Fleio strings

Sometimes you may want to customize strings displayed in Fleio UI. This can be achieved with a workaround by adding a new language in Fleio.

You will have to follow all the steps described on our opensource repository available at

At the steps for adding a new language, you will have to use the desired language code, which must differ from the one that you are already using (as an example we used en_us python makemessages -l en_us). Other examples would be (ro_RO, ru_RU, fr_BE, fr_FR and so on).

After you are done with editing the strings (when you reach the enabling the new language step) you will have to add the following code inside your file:

    ('en_us', 'English US'),

Where ‘en_us’ is the language code and ‘English US’ is the display name used in UI when selecting language.

If you want your custom strings to be included in the default language, you will have to set the previous configured translation as default language. Please see How to change default language

After editing the file, you must restart all the fleio services (see Restarting Fleio).