Release date: 2022-02-16

v2022.02.1 is a stable version. This Changelog also lists all items from 2022.02.0 Changelog. New fixes, added in 2022.02.1 release, are marked with bold.

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  • [add] Alpha - Kubernetes deployment

  • [add] Alpha - Juju deployment

  • [add] [staff] #1891 Hypervisor list and details

  • [add] #5024 Show notification line at the top of all Fleio screens

  • [add] #5064 Conf. options on refunded product on upgrade service invoice

  • [add] [staff] #5104 Search instance by client’s email address

  • [add] #5127 Retry button for operations

  • [add] #5169 AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux in image OS distro dropdown

  • [add] #5186 Invoiced and refunded period on upgrade invoices


  • [change] #4907 Display emails sent for periodic tasks

  • [change] #5079 Don’t change prices on mouse wheel scroll on pricing rule form’s inputs

  • [change] #5132 Allow superuser to disable 2fa for staff and super users

  • [change] #5160 Autocomplete from email address on mass email form

  • [change] #5189 Temporary disallow changing billing period on upgrade service


  • [fix] #3001 Port statuses are not being updated

  • [fix] #4799 Clients not processed for metrics due to resource list check

  • [fix] #5019 Flavor group - flavor search box is not filtering flavors properly

  • [fix] [reseller] #5057 Can specify client groups when creating client

  • [fix] [staff] #5065 Service cycles tab content flickers continuously

  • [fix] #5101 Domain service remains in pending status

  • [fix] #5102 Domains recurring payment amount is not correct

  • [fix] [staff] #5111 Lock instance button is displayed even when the instance is locked

  • [fix] [staff] #5112 Cannot save compute quotas if volumes are not available on that region

  • [fix] [staff] #5113 500 internal error when trying to resize an instance if the client is suspended

  • [fix] #5128 Port does not appear after creating subnet with DHCP enabled

  • [fix] #5129 Hypervisors sync through celery task

  • [fix] #5142 Collect traffic data is skipped for whole region when one resource gives error

  • [fix] #5143 Collect traffic data when port ID is reused

  • [fix] #5148 Scroll does not show on boot source selection in the instance create form

  • [fix] #5149 Journal entry is added even if credit was not successfully added

  • [fix] [staff] #5150 Edit client on domain register form

  • [fix] #5154 IPs on networking tab are misaligned

  • [fix] #5159 Some celery tasks are unregistered

  • [fix] [staff] #5161 Issue date and order date are not shown on the order

  • [fix] #5166 Traffic data sometimes cannot be retrieved

  • [fix] #5172 Invoice payment reminder notification is sent earlier

  • [fix] #5174 Unpaid invoices are using the wrong colors

  • [fix] #5180 Random log out when impersonating or when logging in from WHMCS

  • [fix] #5182 Text overflow outside of the upgrade service form

  • [fix] #5183 Unusual redirect after enabling billing on a service

  • [fix] [enduser] #5187 Resource UUID in title instead of resource name

  • [fix] #5199 Os type in billing may be wrong on sync

  • [fix] #5213 Invoice payment reminder logs

  • [fix] #5209 Cards vertical alignment across various screens when top bar is missing

  • [fix] #5211 Invoice overdue notification hours placeholders

  • [fix] #5210 Overdue notification is sent earlier than it should

  • [fix] #5228 Not completed check port status operation when port was deleted