Default PTR record

You can configure fleio to set a default PTR template for an ip whenever it is de-allocated from an instance or for newly allocated ips.

To do so, you must edit the advanced settings file and add the following variable if it is not already there: PTR_DEFAULT_FORMAT.

You should define a string using the following format: ‘{dashed_ip}’. The ‘{dashed_ip}’ will be replaced with the actual ip.

Setting the PTR_DEFAULT_FORMAT variable to None value will disable the feature.

NOTE!: If you wish to use the PTR default template feature, you must also set the INVERSE_ADDRESS_ZONE_DEFAULT_EMAIL variable to a string representing the email address you want to set for the reverse DNS zone that will get created for the new PTR record.

Thus, your settings for default PTR record may look like this:

PTR_DEFAULT_FORMAT = '{dashed_ip}'