Obtaining frontend sources

Fleio frontend sources are available to customers that pay for the license 1 year in advance.

Frontend sources are available for download as a docker image: hub.fleio.com/frontend_sources-<version>, where version is encoded as <year>-<month>:<number>. E. g. for Fleio 2023.01.1 release the image will be named hub.fleio.com/frontend_sources-2023-01:1

To download Fleio frontend sources you will need to authenticate to hub.fleio.com first. You can authenticate using the following command:

docker login hub.fleio.com

Use Fleio license id as username and license key as password.

After you are authenticated to hub.fleio.com you can download the sources image.

docker pull hub.fleio.com/frontend_sources-2023-01:1

In order to extract the sources from the image you will need to create a docker container. Below is a list of commands to extract Fleio 2023.01.1 frontend sources from an image. After you execute these commands a 2023.01.1.tar.gz archive containing Fleio frontend sources should be available in your current directory.

container_id=$(docker create hub.fleio.com/frontend_sources-2023-01:1 true)
docker cp $container_id:2023.01.1.tar.gz .
docker rm $container_id