Billing / Config Options

Configurable options are used to define additional choices on ordering services. For example, a dedicated IP address or additional storage space for a cPanel shared hosting account.

The Config. options page lists all configurable options available, that can be associated with products.


After a configurable option is associated with a product, end-users can see the configurable option during the order process.


A configurable option is not shown on order if it does not have all the associated product’s cycles defined.

The configurable option price is defined globally and cannot be overwritten per service. However, you can overwrite the total price of a service.

If you change the configurable option pricing, it will automatically reflect on all services having the configurable option associated. The change applies when a new cycle is (automatically) created for a pre-paid service. Pre-paid service cycles that are already created and already issued invoices are not changed when a related configurable option price is changed.

Post-paid service (e.g. OpenStack) price is updated on each “process clients” task run, applying any configurable option price change to in-progress billing cycles.

Option types

The following option types are available:

  • Dropdown
    • shows a predefined list of options with or without an associated price

    • only one option can be selected

  • Radio
    • shows all options as an HTML radio group

    • only one option can be selected

  • Yes/No
    • shows a checkbox that when checked means yes and not checked means no

  • Quantity input
    • shows an input of type number, allowing the client to specify a number

    • price is calculated, if defined, based on the number entered

  • Text input
    • shows an input of type text

    • does not have any price associated

The Status field defines the configurable option availability as follows:
  • public will make the option visible for the associate products if all the other conditions are met (see below)

  • private will only allow staff members to associate an option with a product prior to setup

  • retired helps by keeping old selected options associated without the ability to use them for new services

An option can also be marked as Required forcing a client to specify a value for that option when asked. For Quantity input types, there are also additional validation fields that allow setting of a minimum, maximum and step size for the quantity.


Option billing cycles

Configurable option’s billing cycle defines billing intervals.

Billing cycle fields:

  • Cycle: select one of One Time, Day, Month, Year

  • Cycle multiplier: enter a number. For example selecting Month and entering 3 as multiplier means every 3 months.

  • Currency: select the currency the prices will be expressed in. Do note that options only appear for products that

  • Auto calculate prices: only available when a non-default currency is selected. If price for the default currency is already defined, the price is calculated automatically based on the exchange rate.

  • Use Fixed price to fill in an actual monetary value. Use Percentage of product price to define configurable option cycle price as percentage of the product price. If Apply percentage to other configurable options price is checked, the percentage applies to the product price plus product’s other configurable options price.

  • Setup fee: applied only once, on order. Leave zero for no cost.

Option choices

For Dropdown and Radio, choices will need to be defined and each choice will need to have billing cycles defined. Each choice has a Label and a Value. The label has display purposes only and will appear on invoices and shopping cart while the value is used for billing and setup. Once a choice is added, billing cycles can be created and prices defined for that choice.


Option association with products

To associate a configurable option with a product, go to the product details at the CONFIGURABLE OPTIONS tab:


Select one of the available options and click the associate button. Please note the Product cycles match column that indicates whether all the product billing cycles are also available for the configurable option. Not having all the billing cycles matched may not allow this option to be selected all the time by a client when ordering the product.


Once completed, this option can be selected when ordering a new product