Release date: 2019-03-26

v2019.03.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in https://keepachangelog.com/.


  • #1638 Add domain registration and transfer options when ordering web hosting

  • Add revenue report per OpenStack region. Useful for tax purposes when having hardware in multiple US states.

  • #1178 Add setting to display flavors as cards on instance create form

  • #1765 On OpenStack error send email notification to staff (e.g. on instance create fail)

  • #1720 Set default PTR record (reverse DNS) when an IP is deleted or added to an instance

  • #1682 Allow bootstrap.sh to be rerun and rewrite settings.py

  • #1196 Add filtering option to filter using wildcard search, allow wildcard filtering for instance host, image OS distro name, flavor name

  • #1203 Add setting for enabling/disabling local compute storage option on create instance form


  • #1172 Add related invoices link on service details page and fix links not opening in new tab

  • Add OPENSTACK_PLUGIN_DEFAULT_ROLE environment variable

  • #1202 Allow host select on instance migration if supported by nova microversion

  • #1201 On instance create flavors as cards display form validate flavor-image compatibility and show incompatibility warning

  • #1117 Add warning text when suspend instead of terminate is unchecked

  • Add email default From setting in bootstrap.sh and brush up bootstrap.sh messages

  • On new product form taxable checked by default

  • Show in red missing cycle message on product

  • #1214: Add more filtering options for journal entries

  • Upgrade 3rd party libs


  • #1783 Internal server error being raised when trying to search for a security group in staff panel

  • #1779 Not being able to edit a flavor from frontend after it was added to a group

  • #1765 Incorrect port handling in updated

  • Fix updated instance update

  • #1774 Instance live migration not working

  • #1793 Cannot create an instance when selecting volume at boot source if local storage is not available

  • #1781 Handle protected error thrown when trying to delete a flavor group that has flavors associated with it

  • Add /var/fleio in docker image

  • #1794 Set default region and OpenStack role on OpenStack credentials submit, handle error when there is no valid default role

  • #1800 Fix name length for OpenStack role name

  • Fix service price overridden check when empty string values

  • Fix datetime to date comparison error in collectorlib

  • #1801 Fix sync exception raised on OpenStack roles

  • #1795 Instance migration issues

  • #1798 Microversion used for compute methods is the oldest

  • #1797 Fix tickets display issues for long ticket id

  • #1796 Cannot access ticket if special characters are included in id format

  • #1804 Wrong client used for ordering products when client is changed

  • #1804 Internal server error raised when trying to order a product with wrong currency

  • #1778 When changing user associated with a client cart does not work

  • #1802 Fix attachment not being added when an end-user creates a ticket from web interface

  • Fix client billing vampire bug: wrong client cycle start date if cycle is created after midnight in EET

  • #1191 Fix users and OpenStack plans search not working

  • Hide search bar for api users list pages

  • #1127 After user login language not changed to user’s

  • #1193 Confirm email notice appears on user profile even if email confirmation is disabled

  • #1198 Cannot save service because of error on cycle select field

  • #1192 Reset search value whenever state is changed

  • #1182 Fix invoice items on invoice details page not appearing in staff panel if more than one

  • #1187 Tinymce breaks link in tickets by making them relative

  • #1200 Order card has no action menu when user name is too long

  • #1206 Display the correct error in toast when placing an order if action fails

  • #1166 Cannot create OpenStack service if checking new project checkbox after invalid input

  • bootstrap.sh: show error and exit on failed migrations (e.g. on wrong MySQL user or password)

  • Fix #1821: Fix next due date generation for service


  • #1809 Store traffic per instance network port. Will allow automatic actions on traffic over-usage: suspend or extra cost. Allow granular pricing on incoming and outgoing traffic, public network traffic and local network traffic.