Release date: 2019-04-17

v2019.04.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in https://keepachangelog.com/.


  • Added instance traffic billing support

  • Add refresh license script

  • Add support for right to left languages in fleio

  • Add openstack router management for end users

  • Add posibility to assign flavors to client groups

  • Store networks tags in Fleio database

  • Add support for multi attachments in ticketing system

  • Allow automatically creation of router and network on order auto setup


  • #1177: Add is_default field in subnet pool list API

  • #1185: Make sure links open in new tab in a correct way

  • #1195: Add color differences and not-allowed cursor for disabled icon/text buttons and md-options

  • #1211: Set focus on input/selects on filtering dialog opening

  • #1219: Show visual change after instance lock/unlock

  • #1227: Allow choosing to create instance snapshot as enduser for staff instance snapshot creation dialog and allow enduser to accept/reject a shared image

  • #1229: Add tooltip hint on disabled pricing rule filter and pricing rule modifier buttons

  • #1228: Add impersonate button next to user on client page

  • #1230: Do not pre-select client in staff new instance and new floating ip form

  • #1232: Change os distro field on image update/create to allow options not in the predefined list

  • #1236: Add tooltips for image-flavor incompatibility on flavor select dropdown. Fix bug where image-flavor compatibility is not checked when selected image type is community

  • #1238: Add option to preselect a network that has a public tag on instance creation form

  • #1240: Highlight and preselect default subnet pool

  • #1698: Log more details in activity log when deleting a client.

  • #1768: Add base URL in frontend customization

  • #1790: Autocomplete department ticket id format with the default one defined in settings on department create form

  • #1811: Make sure instances in fleio keep track of their lock/unlocked status

  • #1820, #1734: Improve handling eventual error when getting instance console url, and add support for spice console

  • #1838, #1839: Deal with shared images and allow staff to create instance snapshot as enduser Allow endusers to see shared images based on feature toggle and allow them to accept/reject shared image. Also separate community and shared images on boot source select tab and let staff users create instance snapshot impersonating the client project

  • #1857: Add more links that open in new tab on plugin pages

  • Allow users to add SSH keys if out of credit

  • Show Project ID on instance detail in staff

  • Add lock and unlock actions for active instances in staff panel

  • Upgrade 3rd party libs


  • Fix #1226: Fix large names for subnets not being visible in network page Right now they use ellipsis text overflow and upon click the table cell is expanded to show the name

  • Fix #1231: Make sure text doesn’t overflow cards on floating ips page

  • Fix #1242: Fixed crash for multiple custom menus in the same category

  • Fix #1763: Update router management code for end-users

  • Fix #1780: Fix low credit notifications not sent for 30 days if they were already sent in this timeframe

  • Fix #1819: Fix configurable option auto calculated price for new cycles being wrong

  • Fix #1822: Make sure client out of credit status gets updated when staff adds enough credit

  • Fix #1832: Fix internal server error being raised when trying to get migrate options for a non existent instance

  • Fix #1834: When attempting to delete a locked instance from end user ports and ips are removed.

  • Fix #1835: Use the auto order service setting defined in configuration when staff creates a client and checks the auto service setup checkbox

  • Fix #1843: Fix typo in bootstrap.sh

  • Fix #1844: Make sure users cannot delete a currency if it is used in an openstack pricing plan

  • Fix #1849: Fix internal server error raised when trying to get floating ips create options for client without project

  • Fix #1852: Process client cron enters infinite loop for one time cycle

  • Fix #1861: Add reset_db to excluded django commands in urls.py

  • Add missing comma in dev settings template