Release date: 2019-05-20

v2019.05.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in https://keepachangelog.com/.


  • Allow marking flavors as out of stock

  • Reorganize tasks and activity log. Log more activities

  • Add setting for enabling cloud-init user data (enabled by default)

  • Save form contents on new ticket/ticket reply if user leaves the page without submitting


  • When end-user creates a new resource (instance, volume etc.) client up to date credit must now be greater than Configuration field Credit limit. This was greater than or equal until this release. E.g. when Credit limit: 0, clients with zero credit are not allowed to create new resources.

  • Add create ticket button on client tab

  • Add client country to PDF invoice

  • Add help texts on frontend customization page

  • Improve selection of networks on instance create. If there is no network to choose from, don’t let user create instance and warn about this, if there is only one network available in the list preselect it and hide the field, if there are multiple networks available preselect first network with a public tag. This can be configured from constants.js

  • Add settings to log emails that pass through incoming email script from tickets plugin

  • Add feature toggle for instance password change action

  • Allow optional client select when creating a zone as staff

  • Improve instance history log display in staff panel by fully expanding log events when requested

  • Add messages about eventual required credit to create resource in fleio and replace addCreditUrl from frontend constants with ADD_CREDIT_URLS backend setting

  • Add kvm and lxd as options on image hypervisor type field and make os_hypervisor_types choice list configurable from django settings

  • Allow hiding or changing required status of root password field on instance create through constants.js settings

  • Upgrade 3rd party libs


  • Fix #1769: Allow deletion of error_deleting volumes. Process notifications needed to detect error_extending status

  • Fix #1776: Improve error message for notifications url format in OpenStack settings. Show more details when validating conf URL field about schemes and do not show the error as json when it is received as a dictionary

  • Fix #1848: Fix updated status being shown as not running on docker installations Add lockfile for updated to keep track of its status

  • Fix #1871: Show license details even if OpenStack configuration is invalid

  • Fix #1873: Fix ticket opened from email still containing the text inside removed <style> tags Also add test for email parsing into ticket

  • Fix #1876: Fix apostrophe being escaped in ticket notification title

  • Fix #1879: Fix ‘delete’ button not showing completely on tiered pricing rule.

  • Fix #1880: Fix broken search bar in firefox due to angular material update

  • Fix #1883: Fix misalignment between cards on end-user profile page

  • Fix #1885: Align ‘attachment upload in progress..’ message on ticket details form to the center and underneath the spinning circle svg

  • Fix #1939, #1942, #1944: Fix instance creation crashes caused by API version comparison, no nics being send and create from volume

  • Fix #1941: Pricing rules ignore instance state

  • Fix #1952: Do not replace markers with empty code when updating frontend from frontend customization

  • Fix #1957: Add setting for preselecting and hiding networks field on instance create form if there is only one network

  • Fix #1962: Fix errors when trying to create instance using community image

  • Fix #1963: When creating a security group rule make sure that protocol and port range are set accordingly

  • Fix #1964: Make sure client billing agreements status is set for all clients even if one client is not found by external billing ID

  • Fix #1966: Fix credit notifications sent every time client cron runs

  • Fix #1971: Fix translation issues, add more strings for translation

  • Fix #1975: Add verify resize info tooltip on warning icon

  • Fix #1983: Fix order status not being updated when auto order product on signup/client create is active and the related product has auto setup on order create active, also activate service and mark order as completed only if product has auto setup when order is created setting active

  • Fix #1986: If add credit feature is disabled do not display add credit link on not enough credit warning when creating a new resource




  • In Staff panel Utilities > Task log menu option has been hidden. Tasks are now visible under Activity log entries. You can still access old view via URL /staff/utils/tasklog. This will be removed in the following versions as well.


  • We’ve removed externalBillingUrl from constants.js as this was redundant. There is now a single place where you define this: in settings.py, ADD_CREDIT_URLS.