Release date: 2020-01-16

v2020.01.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in https://keepachangelog.com/.


  • Tickets filter for answered and customer reply status

  • Add not equal filter operator for choices fields in pricing rules

  • Add checkbox to allow using a custom textarea for adding custom code without being altered when editing notifications templates

  • Operations: New UI element that will show you the progress for some operations like deploying instance from volume, move instance, etc.

  • Add feature to allow enduser to manage private ports/ips related and default it to false


  • Don’t allow negative prices in pricing rules

  • Allow configuration of logout redirect for enduser and staff panels

  • Do not allow editing of flavors used by instances

  • Do not allow deletions of a flavor used by an instance

  • Allow re-generating unfinished revenue reports. Show revenue report generation progress percentage.

  • Change last reply column to display time since last reply, add set on hold and set in progress status, highlight unread tickets

  • Do not limit username input to 30 chars on login request but to 255

  • Change default precision setting for instance snapshot price on snapshot create dialog to show 6 decimal places. Also show price per month.

  • Change login username input label back to ‘Username’ and add frontend setting to customize it

  • Change move instance from task to operation to avoid task timeouts

  • Set similar boot source if it exists on region change on instance create form

  • Ensure all tables in django admin have search enabled and list display shows relevant info, add some filtering options.


  • Fix #2402: Fix instances backups scheduling. Allow defining day of week when backups should be created if schedule type is weekly.

  • Fix #2428: Override client tax_exempt flag if configuration tax exempt flag is set

  • Fix #2431: Add new authorization settings for application settings, allow only superusers to manage Openstack settings

  • Fix #2444: Optimize get remaining hours when client has lots of credit

  • Fix #2531: Allow configuration selection when creating a client from staff

  • Fix #2568: Add ellipsis to card titles

  • Fix #2591: Fix PayuRO calculating full amount for invoice even if it was partially paid. Fix taxes not being added when paying invoice using PayuRO gateway

  • Fix #2624: Fix menu active link color disappearing when entering object details/edit page

  • Fix #2627: Fix image upload browse button

  • Fix #2631: Add missing filtering options

  • Fix #2698: Search for exact ip address if the address is in double quotes

  • Fix #2643: Add support for refresh details pages. Add refresh for instance details

  • Fix #2652: Client is removed from reseller after edit

  • Fix #2663: Fix filtering refresh when clicking on main menu links

  • Fix #2665: Allow editing flavors from django admin without selecting a reseller

  • Fix #2666: Fix content overflowing instances card when host name is too long in enduser panel

  • Fix #2668: Fix stop impersonation from reseller user

  • Fix #2669: Preserve associated client groups and visible to reseller when editing a flavor

  • Fix #2672: Fix possible crash in process clients cron

  • Fix #2673: Display os distro icon for instances booted from volume

  • Fix #2675: Fix error thrown when trying to auto create network for a client from staff panel

  • Fix #2677: Instance create page is blocked if some fields are not filled and form is submitted

  • Fix #2679: If hide services for enduser flag is set then hide services on dashboard too

  • Fix #2682: Sort countries by code in phone prefix dropdown selector and fix prefix not being updated correctly when switching from longer prefix to a shorter one.

  • Fix #2683: Do not add journal entries for taxes when they are equal to zero. Show invoice id for credit tax journal entries.