Release date: 2020-02-13

v2020.02.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in https://keepachangelog.com/.


  • Include more details on invoices

  • Add setting to allow login with both username and email in the authentication tab in settings page

  • Add create instance from ISO operation

  • Allow adding price rules for volume backups and volume snapshots

  • Add openstack ports CRUD support, allow attaching/detaching ports from instance networking tab

  • Add setting ‘OS_IMAGE_CREATE_DISK_FORMATS’ to allow customization of disk format field options on image create form


  • Mark more strings for translation

  • Change logging level to info for unregistered routes caused by removed/non existing features

  • Allow editing flavors again but show warning message about possible problems when changing fields, especially the name field

  • Improve product cycle add/edit dialog and display. Remove hour cycle and add daily cycle

  • Show installed Fleio backend version on license tab

  • Operations: refactor system to use operation states, change id to uuid, add more filtering options.

  • Make sure image min_disk does not matter on instance create when flavor has root_gb set as zero

  • On flavor as cards display, show flavor group description as a tooltip above an info icon in the tab label


  • Fix #2345: Make sure stripe payments work when card requires authentication (e.g. 3D Secure). Use payment intents API

  • Fix #2671: On reseller frontend on object details, ensure action buttons on cards and cards title are not overlapping

  • Fix #2705: Fix project existence check in collectorlib that may break process clients cron

  • Fix #2712: Prevent users from creating two configurations with the same name

  • Fix #2718: Network options are not filtered on the end-user networking tab based on networking/ports feature settings

  • Fix #2722: Credit notifications are being sent too early

  • Fix #2725: Do not process pending, cancelled or archived services when generating revenue reports

  • Fix #2730: Make sure text on billing journal page on mobile screens is not truncated

  • Fix #2734: Do not show input fields on instance create form in reseller/staff panel only after client is selected

  • Fix #2737: Make sure that by default, the cloud-init template that sets the ssh keys on instance create, also keeps image default users,

  • Fix #2738: On reseller frontend, handle 409 errors by showing relevant error and not redirecting to the next invalid state

  • Fix #2739: Make sure iso8601 dates related to instances sent by openstack are correctly saved in db

  • Fix #2741: Remove choices on char fields in image model to prevent sync errors

  • Fix #2742: Make sure all openstack resources in unused regions are deleted on sync process

  • Fix #2752: Fix volume extra details sync when volume image metadata is not received

  • Fix #2755: Fix second factor authentication requirement for end-users affecting reseller users

  • Fix #2757: Fix error thrown when trying to get volume size increment default (1) for a region that is not found in volume_size_increments setting

  • Fix #2758: Handle missing notifications on images