Release date: 2022-03-17

v2022.03.1 is a stable version. This Changelog also lists all items from 2022.03.0 Changelog. New fixes, added in 2022.03.1 release, are marked with bold.

Fleio uses the continuous delivery model, read more at Fleio release model.

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  • [add] #2860 Enable password input field on instance creation dialog based on image

  • [add] #3963 Flags on sync

  • [add] [k8s] #5117 Mariadb HA installation on Kubernetes

  • [add] [k8s] #5118 Celery HA installation on Kubernetes

  • [add] [k8s] #5120 SSL support

  • [add] [k8s] #5125 Fleio upgrades

  • [add] [k8s] #5131 License validation for fleiok8s command

  • [add] [staff] #5188 Client billing history tab

  • [add] [staff] #5194 Merge and split invoices

  • [add] #5202 Activity log for instance suspend/resume

  • [add] #5229 Subnet quota for networks

  • [add] [k8s] #5248 juju updates/upgrade actions

  • [add] [enduser] #5254 AZ on OpenStack resource card

  • [add] #5263 More information for Check port status operations

  • [add] #5245 Volume availability zone on boot selection form

  • [add] [k8s] #5289 Additional juju config values

  • [add] [staff] #5302 “Has volumes” filter for clients on mass message page


  • [change] #3972 Disable nameservers tab for enduser when registration is in progress

  • [change] #4968 Upgrade to python 3.8/bullseye

  • [change] #5067 Make the Service cycles table narrower

  • [change] #5192 Upgrade/downgrade service and change billing cycle in one step

  • [change] #5204 Center field and add instructions on domain registration

  • [change] #5205 Center field, add EPP code and instructions on domain transfer

  • [change] #5218 Invalidate empty subject on mass message

  • [change] #5237 Provider segmentation ID on network form should not be mandatory

  • [change] #5241 Send ticket notifications only as emails

  • [change] #5242 Highlight rows on mouseover on list views

  • [change] #5243 Use POST method for OTP Token generation

  • [change] #5256 Expand the width for ticket details

  • [change] [k8s] #5272 Improve Fleio k8s/juju packages documentation

  • [change] [k8s] #5271 Deploy cert-manager when enabling let’s encrypt

  • [change] #5277 AZ features should be disabled by default

  • [change] [k8s] #5285 Use configured storage class for mariadb galera

  • [change] [k8s] #5290 Use default kubernetes storage class in Fleio

  • [change] [k8s] #5300 Check for Fleio status and validate license before setting in juju

  • [change] [k8s] #5301 Do not remove nfs provisioner from juju if already installed


  • [fix] [k8s] #5303 Status display in juju

  • [fix] #5181 Configurable options don’t update when changing cycle period on order page

  • [fix] [k8s] #5206 Fleio version in Juju is not properly set

  • [fix] #5215 Mass message is not sent if subject is too long

  • [fix] #5216 Redirect after sending mass message is wrong

  • [fix] #5217 Notification’s mark as unread button does not redirect properly

  • [fix] #5221 Third invoice overdue notification may not be sent if not processed in time

  • [fix] #5236 Gateway IP is set when using “no gateway IP” on subnet create form

  • [fix] #5239 Images in ticket overflowing

  • [fix] #5244 Invoices cannot be downloaded on openstack edition

  • [fix] #5255 Images display in ticket email notifications

  • [fix] #5257 Bottom border between “upload new image” and image’s radio button on select boot source form

  • [fix] [enduser] #5259 User invitation still works when clients&users.invitations feature is disabled

  • [fix] #5282 Django warning when running sync

  • [fix] [staff] #5287 Invoice notification templates help text

  • [fix] [k8s] #5295 Updated containers are not removed when switching from full edition to web edition

  • [fix] [staff] [reseller] #5309 404 error on client details when OpenStack feature is disabled






  • API endpoints from STAFF openstack/billing/history and openstack/billing were removed and replaced with openstack/billing/usage-history and openstack/billing/usage