In this page, you can do as follow:

Zones dashboard


The TODOs dashboard can be displayed in two different types of views:

  • Card view

  • List view


Create new TODO

To create a new TODO click on the plus (+) button from the bottom right Create new TODO.


This will open the Create new todo form:


A new TODO can have one of the following statuses:

  • open

  • in progress

  • done

TODOs can also be assigned to certain staff users.


To edit a TODO you need to click on the “pen” icon present on the desired TODO:


This will open the edit form, where you will be allowed to change the title, status, assigned to and the description.

TODO details


By clicking on a TODO you will be able to:

  • see the activity related to that TODO

  • comment on that todo (this will update the activity)

  • comment and close todo

Filtering and sorting TODOs

You can filter the TODOs by:

  • Assigned to

  • Created at

  • Status

You can sort the TODOs by:

  • Assigned to

  • Created at

  • Created by

  • Status

  • Title

Deleting TODOs

To delete a todo you need to click on the “bin” icon: