Release date: 2019-08-06

v2019.08.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in https://keepachangelog.com/.


  • Add support for volume snapshots.

  • Add support for reverting volume to snapshot

  • Add support to display price for snapshot storage. You can now configure a pricing rule for volume / instance snapshots based on storage.

  • Add option to send mass email to clients. You can now send mass emails on clients that are filtered by status, groups, regions, flavors, configuration etc. Mass email can be configured to send in configurable batches and interval times

  • Add option to preserve flavor id when editing flavor

  • Add feature toggle to allow resize to flavors with less disk space

  • Add differentiation between second factor authenticators cards

  • Add lite mechanism for state retrieval retries where notifications or callbacks are missing


  • Add boot from volume feature toggle for staff and hide boot from volume when volumes are disabled for region

  • Add ‘Grant new permissions explicitly’ flag in Authorization UI

  • Add authorization for revenue reports

  • Removed instance name field at rebuild instance

  • Allow user to set a custom PDF generation callable

  • Display billing cycle only if it’s set to s/m/h. Hide it if it’s “billing cycle”

  • Move billing menu bellow cloud menu button for end user

  • Add display name field to price modifier

  • Do not allow to add a recurring cycle to a product if it already has a one time cycle and vice versa

  • Changed several UI icons to be more meaningful (delete resource, edit image, detach volume etc)

  • Filter create from ISO temporary image properties. Allow configuring disk format in create from ISO

  • Show text that no keys are available on ssh keys select dropdown when user has no keys to choose from

  • Allow setting hash method to use for crypt when hashing password for instances in settings file. Use SHA512 by default

  • Let root password field be visible when creating instance from volume

  • Show region in images list view

  • Include client external billing id in staff services list

  • Create log file for event notifications received from Openstack


  • Fix #1028: Fix instance snapshots not appearing in snapshots tab when they are related to volume snapshots

  • Fix #2113: Fix phone number not being updated on SMS second factor authenticator details page for new users

  • Fix #2114: Fix volume backup extra details synchronization task showing unknown activity in activity log

  • Fix #2122: Fix UnorderedObjectListWarning being shown

  • Fix #2128: Fix create instance issue when some image is shared with the user. Fix move image

  • Fix #2130: Fix objects not being correctly synced on volume restore.

  • Fix #2133: Fix various translation issues. Add component and setting to define ‘click here to add one’ image location.

  • Fix #2137: Add confirmation dialog to detach volume operation

  • Fix #2141: Fix not being able to create instance from ISO anymore

  • Fix #2146: Secure OpenRC file generation. Request OS api user password when sourcing file.

  • Fix #2153: Ensure rule price is minimum 0.01 per resource. Round rule price and modifier

  • Fix #2156: Shrink instance name on snapshot create dialog if it is too long

  • Fix #2160: Fix image page title

  • Fix #2164: Fix credit being refunded when Openstack service is terminated

  • Fix #2165: Fix image properties not showing on client side in properties tab or on image details

  • Fix #2166: Fix showing duplicate names for templates in template selector for signup settings if related template has more languages defined

  • Fix #2167: Send signup confirmation email in the correct language (the user chosen or default one from constants)

  • Fix #2173: Use iso properties when creating instance from ISO

  • Fix #2177: Fix Fleio crash if volume endpoint does not exists for region

  • Fix #2182: Filter create from ISO temporary image properties. Allow configuring disk format in create from ISO

  • Fix #2191: Fix overflowing text when booting from iso


  • Romcard Recurring payments




  • Docker installation




  • In this release docker installation support is removed. Only installation from packages on supported distros is available.

  • When sending mass email to clients only filter will be considered, search text will be ignored.

  • Fleio does not support multiple Openstack Services per client, allowing multiple Openstack Services per client may cause issues