Release date: 2019-02-28

v2019.02.1 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


  • Allow different pricing for clouds objects from for different regions. Add “region” attribute to OpenStack pricing rule filter.
  • Sign up new settings: forbid free email addresses, email confirmation and domains black list and whitelist.
  • Add pricing rules for Swift objects and for floating IP addresses.
  • Add billing metrics help text


  • Fix #1125, #1171: Update dependencies and fix plugins pages not redirecting to cannot connect page when backend is not available
  • Fix #1142: When terminating instance and you go to another page are redirected back to instances page
  • Fix #1158: Do not allow clicking boot from ISO button when no ISOs are available
  • Fix #1161: Display volume name on mobile
  • Fix #1165: Fix cloud resources tab on client details page throwing error when OpenStack service is deleted
  • Fix #1167: Make filtering by client more accurate for ssh keys when accessing list page from client details page cloud resources tab
  • Fix #1169: Search bar does not appear on plugin states
  • Fix #1170: Tired pricing more than 6 decimal error does not disappear
  • Fix #1173: Add filtering when pressing enter key when choosing filter value
  • Fix #1174: Display tooltips for metrics
  • Fix #1177: Do not ask for confirmation on instance start
  • Fix #1180: Fixed flavor and image issues
  • Fix #1181: Instance title has scroll bar when under verify resize state
  • Fix #1188: Redirect to flavor groups page after deleting a flavor group and display region name in flavor selection combo
  • Fix #1702: Fix issue with delete instances being billed after reset usage. Fix crash when deleting client with todo service without settings
  • Fix #1748: Internal server error is raised when trying to reset client usage
  • Fix #1750: You cannot filter instance by status booted from ISO
  • Fix #1754: Fix error when trying to delete OpenStack service with related objects and fix images list page not loading
  • Fix #1759: Fix ordering journal by id
  • Fix #1760: Search bar does not appear on plugin states
  • Fix #1767: Fix flavor and image issues
  • Fix #1770: Fix sender email not being set if notification is not related to a client
  • Fix #1771: Visual bug for DNS zones