Release date: 2019-10-10

v2019.10.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in https://keepachangelog.com/.


  • Add terms of service system feature
  • Add checkbox to configure automatic payments, remove button. Allow defining terms and conditions text regarding auto-pay for each gateway.
  • Add option to product to hide services in end-user panel
  • Add support for recurrent payments using PayURO
  • Add support for recurring payments using Stripe. Improve refunds flow when using stripe
  • Add configuration option to have only calendar months as billing cycles
  • Add setting to force config drive for any instance create
  • Improve support for fiscal invoices


  • Change ‘Error when converting attribute’ error to warning since it is handled
  • Moved notification templates help text to fleio.notification.formatting in order to be importable from settings.py
  • Added region name on flavor card
  • Allow search in activity log by more keywords, allow filtering in activity log based on action and category
  • Added a verify_resize_message setting in constants.js that will be automatically appended to verify resize message


  • Fix #2302: Fix item description in pdf invoice when using long words. Fix invoice details when using long words in item description
  • Fix #2313: Add taxes to items on manually issued invoices
  • Fix #2315: Allow changing volume bootable flag
  • Fix #2319: Add address on PDF invoice
  • Fix #2321: Error when collecting traffic data
  • Fix #2322: Fleio upgrade fails if mariadb was upgraded just before fleio
  • Fix #2325: Change trash bin to x when revenue reporting generation is not completed
  • Fix #2327: Do not display stack trace on payment exception when setting invoices from credit
  • Fix #2330: Do not start instances stopped by client on client resume
  • Fix #2331: Be more specific on number input field error messages (specify min/max/step value)
  • Fix #2337: Custom ICMP rule type and code cannot be 0
  • Fix #2338: Do not allow re-activating a terminated service of type Openstack
  • Fix #2342: Fix error when retrieving notification setting without display name
  • Fix #2347: Change opened by with client name for tickets cards form
  • Fix #2350: Fixed some parameters in activity logs
  • Fix #2351: Encrypt PayURO recurrent payments details in db
  • Fix #2356: Typos on configuration page
  • Fix #2357: Make sure process clients cron won’t overlap
  • Fix #2366: Make sure client’s images are deleted on termination even if they are protected
  • Fix #2373: Hide incompatible flavors on launch image
  • Fix #2376: Instance disk is raw even if format is set to qcow2
  • Fix #2384: Fix traffic rules when no other rule exists. Fix traffic rule applied several times on instance
  • Fix #2391: Fix collect usage when tiered rules are used
  • Fix #2396: Fix user configured recurring payment options not being correctly ordered by preference










  • For #2376, qemu-img executable should be available on the machine that has Fleio backend installed.