Release date: 2020-06-17

v2020.06.1 is a stable version and also includes all the items noted in 2020.06.0 changelog

Notes marked with * are different from beta to stable.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


  • Implement notification template settings in angular
  • Add celery beat task for processing scheduled backups
  • Add authorization settings in Angular
  • Add OpenStack settings in Angular
  • Add Openstack pricing plans in Angular
  • Add Settings (general page) in Agular


  • *Fetch objects from openstack in batches when possible during sync. Log more info during the sync process
  • Add setting for having endusers use OS users API to create clusters. Allow them to choose an existent API user or generate one.
  • Add setting to configure time_limit for long running tasks. Default is set to 36 hours
  • Increase string size limit for user_id on Volume, Instance models and change it to CharField from UUIDField on resource usage log model.


  • Fix #2945: On manual instance backup creation from staff panel, allow staff to choose to create the backup in client’s project
  • Fix #2986: Hide local storage on instance details if instance is booted from volume
  • Fix #3009: Display IPv4 as access ip if the instance has an IPv4 address assigned
  • Fix #3022: Ensure process paid invoice is called every time an invoice is set paid: make sure it is done on invoice create/edit with status of paid
  • Fix #3080: Fix Angular cannot connect problems: load theme dynamically on page, redirect when can connect (on refresh, after some time)
  • Fix #3087: Add baseTitle setting in angular configs
  • Fix #3090: Handle missing license / expiring license in angular frontend
  • Fix #3101: Disable create button on images page if client has not enough credit to create resource
  • Fix #3102: Allow configurable number of decimals for pricing rules
  • Fix #3103: Cancelled and refunded openstack service cycles are treated as unpaid
  • Fix #3129: Instance monthly traffic is not comppletly cleared at reset
  • Fix #3143: Fix credit check on resource create not working and users being able to create resources if under credit limit via Fleio api
  • Fix #3156: For upload image from url operation, add step to inform users if operation is waiting for the max parallel limit number of operations to finish
  • Fix #3161: Fix boot source dialog on reseller frontend: fix tabs being hidden and having to scroll if some tabs are missing
  • Fix #3166: Improve item description format on invoice
  • Fix #3169: Fix new staff config URLs not being correctly set on fleio upgrade
  • Fix #3185 Some egress rules are created by default
  • Fix #3187: Resize font size on configurations expansion panels titles and card object details
  • Fix #3200: Add warning message on backup/snapshot dialogs that instance will not be available during the backup process
  • Fix #3214: Fix 500 error when trying to delete reseller’s openstack plan


  • Docker installation