Release date: 2020-08-12

v2020.08.1 is a stable version and also includes all the items noted in 2020.08.0 changelog

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


  • Add minimum volume size
  • Notification for enduser when instance backup fails
  • Add setting DNS_ENDUSER_MIN_TTL used to configure minimum TTL value for enduser
  • Add missing themes for new Angular frontend
  • Implement second factor authentication in Angular frontend
  • Implement invoices in Angular frontend
  • Implement users in Angular frontend
  • Add clients page, client mass email, custom fields, in Angular frontend
  • Implement forgot password page for angular UI (Angular frontend and reseller panel)
  • Implement all widgets and finish dashboard in Angular frontend
  • Implement domains frontend in Angular frontend
  • Implement servers and server groups in Angular frontend
  • Implement journal in Angular frontend
  • Implement services in Angular frontend
  • Add domains configuration in Angular frontend


  • Use volume type name on pricing rule filter
  • Set granularity to 3600 for metric billing resources on new fleio installations
  • Change links from angular panel to new frontend where possible
  • Hide detach volume option if the instance was booted from the volume
  • On reset usage delete old billing history instead of just setting cost to 0
  • Add external-billing api endpoint and move credit auto invoicing APIs related to external billing here


  • Fix #3048: Adjust fixed price of services when using billing_cycle_as_calendar_month setting
  • Fix #3282: Optimize process clients cron
  • Fix #3295: Fix refresh timer performance issues in Angular frontend
  • Fix #3301: Fix card title area being broken when card title is too long
  • Fix #3314: Fix menu not being expanded when landing on a details page. Fix double menu highlight in some cases
  • Fix #3319: Fix horizontal scrolling when filtering menu is too big, fix TODO notification dropdown menu item and plugin notifications related links
  • Fix #3324: Allow router link actions to be opened in new tab
  • Fix #3330: Resize tickets table columns to leave more space for title
  • Fix #3331: Ensure openstack.instance.snapshots feature is disabled if openstack.images feature is disabled
  • Fix #3335: Allow clients under credit limit to configure auto invoicing
  • Fix #3339: Notification emails are not sent for all notifications
  • Fix #3341: Display info on volume snapshots
  • Fix #3342: Fix error being logged in browser console when accessing services tab on client details in Angular frontend
  • Fix #3343: Fix default ordering on activity log
  • Fix #3346: Verify the minimum disk size requirements when creating a volume from image
  • Fix #3348: Fix internal server error when deleting a server group associated with servers
  • Fix #3351: Fix activity log table alignment
  • Fix #3357: Refresh volume backup details once backup is completed
  • Fix #3374: Fix missing space between openstack settings input fields and help text.
  • * Fix #3412: IPs are ellipsed on activity log
  • * Fix #3416: Service details does not show the notes
  • * Fix #3418: Redirect to apropriate page after creating an instance, volume or image


  • Docker installation