v2021.07.0 BETA

Release date: 2021-07-15


v2021.07.0 is a BETA version and it’s not recommended for production environment.

Fleio uses the continuous delivery model, read more at Fleio release model.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

We recommend you to follow one of the following safe upgrade procedure:


  • [add] [enduser] #4365 Clients management screen
  • [add] [enduser] #4366 Client/Users tab
  • [add] #4367 User invitation support
  • [add] #4495 Credit on downgrade product checkbox
  • [add] #4537 Detailed logs on sync
  • [add] #4539 Install scp and jq utilities in fleio_utils image
  • [add] #4540 Implement logging of all OpenStack notifications with * definition
  • [add] #4544 Add UDP and TERMINATED_HTTPS as supported protocols for Octavia
  • [add] #4557 Add fleio info command with debugging information
  • [add] #4577 Add AlmaLinux and RockyLinux icons
  • [add] #4586 Show total compute nodes physical RAM on licensing page


  • [change] #3575 Remove old AngularJS staff frontend, rename /newstaff to /staff
  • [change] #3841 Redesign authorization page
  • [change] #4082 Update recurring payments default message
  • [change] #4499 Show storage options disabled until selection on boot source dialog
  • [change] [staff] #4501 Show expandable activity log entry with an arrow
  • [change] [staff] #4508 Mention that Notifications URLs are hidden
  • [change] #4543 Filter tickets list on client details by last updated at instead of created at
  • [change] #4546 Insert headers for HTTPS listeners
  • [change] #4548 Remove old AngularJS enduser frontend, rename /new to /
  • [change] #4547 Show the configurable option display name on upgrade/downgrade
  • [change] #4538 Restart Fleio after set or refresh license
  • [change] #4562 Vertically center login form
  • [change] #4564 Hide filter options based on feature
  • [change] #4569 Redirect /newstaff/* to /staff/* and /new* to /*


  • [fix] [staff] #4509 Align task in activity log and suggest it is expandable
  • [fix] #4510 Failed volume backup is not synced correctly
  • [fix] #4526 Attachments with empty content or file name
  • [fix] #4527 Ticket page loads content from other domains
  • [fix] #4541 Plus button does not work when on top of card
  • [fix] #4542 Sometimes fleio does not work after restart
  • [fix] [staff] #4554 Created by field on operations
  • [fix] [enduser] #4565 Assign floating IPs crash
  • [fix] #4567 Instance page (list format) is broken while the placeholder is present
  • [fix] [staff] #4576 Fleio crash when trying to remove all user’s roles
  • [fix] [staff] #4579 Owner roles can be removed from all users
  • [fix] #4583 Error 404 when you disable utils or utils.operations feature
  • [fix] #4589 Wrong configurable option price is saved on service on downgrade


  • Multiple projects per client




  • AngularJS panels (enduser and staff)