v2021.08.0 BETA

Release date: 2021-08-18


v2021.08.0 is a BETA version and it’s not recommended for production environment.

Fleio uses the continuous delivery model, read more at Fleio release model.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

We recommend you to follow the safe upgrade procedure:


  • [add] Fleio editions support
  • [add] #3010 Quick actions on instance details snapshots tab
  • [add] #4391 Add additional default roles
  • [add] [staff] #4563 Region on operations details
  • [add] #4566 Set password and ssh key for image’s default user
  • [add] #4596 Allow cloning of flavors
  • [add] [enduser] #4627 Reseller client ID config for signup on Angular enduser panels
  • [add] #4634 Support permissions for enduser cart
  • [add] #4636 Company Logo on PDF invoice


  • [change] #4368 Hide menus based on role
  • [change] #4493 Move switch client to a more visible location
  • [change] [staff] #4610 Remove confirmation dialog for payment capture and redirect to journal
  • [change] #4637 Company and invoice details on stripe iframe
  • [change] #4638 Hide roles on client and user details pages if clients&users.roles feature is disabled
  • [change] #4642 Remove staff permissions tab from roles
  • [add] [staff] #4673 Settings to display only assigned images on instance create


  • [fix] [enduser] #4591 Enduser can see all load balancers
  • [fix] #4600 Configuration settings lost if fields disabled
  • [fix] #4601 Concurrent operations with client deletion
  • [fix] #4611 Soft time limit for collect traffic data
  • [fix] [reseller] #4616 Total usage does not show pricing rules names
  • [fix] [enduser] #4617 Active client ID does not appear in url even if present in backend session
  • [fix] [staff] #4619 Malformed toast notification message when saving user groups permissions
  • [fix] [staff] #4615 Instance create in admin project shows client options
  • [fix] [staff] #4623 Update in admin project does not work for flavors
  • [fix] #4625 Menu doesn’t change on active client change
  • [fix] [reseller] #4628 Cannot assign client to user on reseller panel
  • [fix] #4635 Ticket URL from tickets related notifications is wrong
  • [fix] [staff] #4639 Reseller client not displayed when editing user
  • [fix] #4640 List of clients or users is not refreshed after dissociate
  • [fix] #4641 Staff user can be associated with client
  • [fix] #4643 Default roles permissions
  • [fix] #4649 Top right operations warning display issue on some themes
  • [fix] #4650 Ordering a service may create invoice & order for unrelated client
  • [fix] #4651 Use the max supported API version when doing API calls to OpenStack
  • [fix] [staff] #4653 Create instance in admin project crash when using SSH key
  • [fix] #4654 Currency code input box search
  • [fix] #4655 Generated AdminRC file is using incorrect credentials
  • [fix] #4658 Set project domain id to user domain id on openstack settings save
  • [fix] #4659 Filter services by active client
  • [fix] [enduser] #4660 Remove journal entries URL on invoice details
  • [fix] [enduser] #4662 Sorting tickets by reply at does not work
  • [fix] #4674 Clients processed for unused price rule metrics
  • [fix] #4678 Order services does not work correctly with multi user
  • [fix] #4680 Instance name in the activitylog_logclass table


  • Multiple projects per client








  • In order to test Beta you need to follow our documentation.
  • Retrieving instance snapshots might not be displayed properly on the instance details tab. A fix will be available on 2021.08.1 release