v2021.12.0 BETA

Release date: 2021-12-09


v2021.12.0 is a BETA version and it’s not recommended for production environment.

Fleio uses the continuous delivery model, read more at Fleio release model.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

We recommend you to follow the safe upgrade procedure:


  • [add] #3825 Tab on instance details page with traffic history
  • [add] #4029 Volume types & multi-attachable volumes support
  • [add] [staff] #4952 Service cycles tab on service
  • [add] #4470 Billing for DNS zones
  • [add] #4915 rDNS link next to IPs on instance Networking tab
  • [add] #4940 More details from maxmind checks
  • [add] #4990 Allow service cycles to be assigned to invoice items
  • [add] #5015 Automatic token expiration based on remember me
  • [add] #5029 Add fleio bash –root flag


  • [change] #4424 Update API versions
  • [change] #4428 Upgrade python version to 3.7
  • [change] #4630 Disable client during suspend/terminate operation
  • [change] #4901 Focus on input box on filter selection click
  • [change] [staff] #4908 Rename utils url to utilities
  • [change] #4922 Correct OpenStack capitalization in all texts
  • [change] #4929 Increase the size of input box for price modifier as percentage
  • [change] #4937 Do not alter capitalization of entity names in breadcrumb
  • [change] #4939 Change the license warning / problems format for tooltip and pop up
  • [change] #4950 Show service edit form’s selected product related options on conf. option edit
  • [change] [staff] #4951 Auto calculate price when editing service percentage conf. options
  • [change] [enduser] #4971 Do not allow end user to edit tickets
  • [change] #4978 Project quotas improvements
  • [change] #4969 Image estimate price text being unaware of size
  • [change] #4997 When order is marked as fraud show order under review message
  • [change] #4998 Show loading screen when saving OpenStack projects
  • [change] #5005 Show numeric keyboard on mobile for 2FA field


  • [fix] #4398 Service override price/fixed price issues
  • [fix] [staff] #4523 Community images are hidden when the enduser feature is disabled
  • [fix] #4863 Cannot update billing service in django admin
  • [fix] #4910 Can not delete last tax rule since plus button is on top
  • [fix] [enduser] #4911 Redirect to 2fa setup if two factor authentication is enforced
  • [fix] #4936 Entity name not updated in breadcrumb after rename
  • [fix] [staff] #4938 User without name is hidden on journal details
  • [fix] [enduser] #4955 Refresh page after paying an invoice
  • [fix] #4957 Canceling an invoice does not set the billing cycle to payment canceled
  • [fix] #4959 Date display is not consistent across invoices
  • [fix] #4962 Conf. option cycles missing option values in db
  • [fix] #4960 Wrong data when upgrading service with invoice for next billing cycle issued
  • [fix] #4961 Closing client delete dialog from client details redirects to list
  • [fix] [staff] [reseller] #4966 No actions column on invoice list
  • [fix] #4973 Cluster resize is broken
  • [fix] #4974 Right click in the tinymce text area displays the “link” option
  • [fix] #4977 Switching edition does not work if you switch from an expired license
  • [fix] #4979 Dark theme minor issues
  • [fix] [staff] #4981 Clients dropdown on network create form does not work
  • [fix] #4984 Modifiers price decimals do not take into account number of decimals configured in settings.py
  • [fix] #4985 Modifiers price error is not shown
  • [fix] [enduser] #4986 Some OpenStack actions can still be done with a disabled project
  • [fix] #4994 Duplicate calls to backend on object details pages
  • [fix] #4999 Inconsistent gaps between form inputs
  • [fix] [enduser] #5003 Stack resource table is sometimes broken
  • [fix] #5000 New client is active even with no active services until the process clients cron runs
  • [fix] #5001 OpenStack discovered services tab version comparisons are not correct
  • [fix] #5002 Created at is not displayed on volume details
  • [fix] #5004 Automatic fill in still shows password as not filled
  • [fix] #5010 Stack events table is sometimes broken
  • [fix] #5011 500 internal error when editing project quotas if cinder endpoint is not accessible
  • [fix] [staff] #5013 Redirect after client delete
  • [fix] #5014 Null value during create instance
  • [fix] #5018 Flavor cloning do not preserve flavor’s properties
  • [fix] [staff] #5028 Show all SSH keys on client cloud resources returns 404
  • [fix] [staff] #5030 Random crash when impersonating
  • [fix] #5033 VAT ID validation does not work for Greece






  • [change] #4817 Remove volume v1 and volume v2 from API versions
  • [change] #4975 Remove localComputeStorageEnabled frontend setting