Enable debugging

If you’re in a development environment (not a production server) you can also enable debugging from settings.py file to get more information in browser when you’re accessing an invalid URL and in case an error occurs during development:

DEBUG = True

Now you’ll be able to to see the backend API nicely formatted and even perform POST, PUT, and DELETE requests. Note that you need to be authenticated as

Here’s an example of PHP code calling the Fleio API: https://github.com/fleio/fleio-whmcs.

You can also run Django commands from the command line after you activate the Fleio Python virtual environment and move to the Django project directory:

# activate the virtualenv
source /var/webapps/fleio/env/bin/activate
# move to the Django project directory
cd /var/webapps/fleio/project/
# see available commands
django -h
# you can reset a user's password
django changepassword USERNAME_HERE
# or create a superuser (staff user)
django createsuperuser

For more information regarding the Django command line see https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/django-admin/