Billing / Journal

Here you can see a list of the journal entries with various details.


You can sort these by:

  • Id: the id of the journal entry
  • Invoice: the journal entry associated invoice
  • Transaction: the transaction id if there exists one
  • Transaction status: the status of the transaction
  • Source: the payment source (where the money came from)
  • Destination: the destination of the sum
  • Source amount: the sum that is sent
  • Destination amount: the sum that is received (might be converted to a different currency)

NOTE: A journal entry is generated when a payment is made (no matter the payment method: from client credit, transaction or made by staff).

The table has the following columns: ID, Date added, User, Invoice, Transaction, Status, Source, Destination, In, Out, Actions (if any). You can go to see additional info regarding the journal entry by clicking on the invoice column (or any other highlighted field) to see details about the associated item.

Mobile friendly

The list is mobile friendly and supports the same fields and has same behaviour as the desktop version.