Billing / Journal

Here you can see a list of the journal entries with various details, such as:

  • date
  • source info
  • destination info
  • amount - if you have multiple currencies, then the amount will be in the client’s currency

You can sort these by:

  • Id: the id of the journal entry
  • date: the date of the transaction
  • Invoice: the journal entry associated invoice
  • Transaction: the transaction id if there exists one
  • Transaction status: the status of the transaction
  • Source: the payment source (where the money came from)
  • Destination: the destination of the sum
  • Source amount: the sum that is sent
  • Destination amount: the sum that is received (might be converted to a different currency)

The journal entries can be filtered by:

  • user
  • source
  • destination
  • credit related client
  • invoice related client
  • date added
  • destination amount
  • source amount


A journal entry is generated when a payment/refund is made (no matter the payment/refund method: from client credit, transaction or made by staff).

The table has the following columns: Date, Source info, Destination info, Amount, Actions (refund).

You can see additional details about a journal entry by clicking the desired row: