Clients & Users / Clients

Here you can see a list of clients


You can sort them by: Company, Country, State, Date created and Credit balance.

To perform actions on a client, use the buttons on the bottom of each client’s container ( the buttons appear on mouseover ). To see a detailed page about the client, click on his name.




Clicking the edit client button will trigger the following page where you can manage details about the client


Clicking the suspend client button will trigger a modal where you can confirm the suspend action


Clicking the delete client button will trigger a modal where you can confirm the delete action


When clicking on the client name, you’ll get redirected to a page with detailed information about him

  • Overview

Here you can preview some details about the client but also manage his credit

  • Invoices

Preview a list of invoices. Clicking on any invoice will redirect you to its page

  • Journal

Preview a list of journal entries. Clicking on any journal entry will redirect you to its page

  • Openstack Service

Details about the clients’ Openstack Service

  • Users

List of all associated users. Clicking on one user will redirect you to its page. You can also associate users from here by clicking the Associate user button

  • Configuration

Change client configuration

  • Cloud resources

Details about the clients’ cloud resources