Terms of service page

On the “TERMS OF SERVICE” tab you will be able to define templates for ToS. In order to add a new template for ToS you will have to add a new ToS from the menu shown bellow:


The version tag is used when you want to update the same ToS and you want to enforce your end-user to re-accept the new ToS. Please note that you will have to be consistent when defining the version as they are automatically ordered. We recommend to use the following format: tos-template-name.v.0, tos-template-name.v.1, tos-template-name.v.2 and so on.

For a better understanding of version control, you can read more about the version control guidelines.

In order to enforce the end-user to re-accept the ToS you will have to check the “Ask end-users to agree with the latest ToS”. Also, you can forbid access to the Fleio end-user panel after YYYY-MM-DD h:m:s if the user did not accepted the ToS.


If the end-user will use the remind me later timer option, it will be reminded after x minutes (configured in the ask again box) or after he logs in again.