Compare Fleio editions

Fleio is available in two editions: OpenStack Edition and Hosting Billing Edition. You can also combine the two editions in a single Fleio installation by purchasing the OpenStack Edition and adding Hosting Edition licensed clients. The table below summarizes the features included with each edition and the two editions combined.

Feature / Edition Fleio OpenStack Edition Fleio Hosting Billing Edition Fleio OpenStack + Hosting Billing Edition
Fleio Hosting Billing Edition features
cPanel shared hosting accounts automation -
Domain names registration and life cycle automation -
Support ticketing system -
Fleio OpenStack Edition features
OpenStack multi-region support -
Manage OpenStack compute instances (Nova) -
Manage OpenStack volumes (Cinder) -
Manage OpenStack projects -
Manage OpenStack flavors -
Manage OpenStack networks (Neutron) -
Manage OpenStack routers -
Manage OpenStack security groups -
Manage OpenStack SSH keys -
Manage OpenStack floating IPs -
Manage OpenStack compute images (Glance) -
Manage OpenStack object storage (Swift) -
Manage OpenStack DNS zones (Designate) -
Manage OpenStack Kubernetes clusters (Magnum) -
Manage OpenStack API users -
Cloud model billing on OpenStack resources -
Billing on OpenStack instances and on projects -
OpenStack pre-paid or post-paid billing model -
cPanel licensing for NOC partners (manage2 API) -
DirectAdmin license life cycle automation (not DirectAdmin shared hosting accounts) -
Fleio common features in all editions
Customer sign-up
MaxMind automated order fraud check
One time or recurring billing for any service or product
Product configurable options pricing
Automated recurring charging
True multi-currency
Configurable tax rules
TODO module
Customer mass mailing
Configurable email notification templates
SAML2 staff and/or end-user authentication
Define granular staff user rights
Two-factor authentication
Modern architecture
Enable/disable features
Customizable design themes
Pricing Based on total physical RAM on compute nodes Based on total number of Fleio clients Based on total physical RAM on compute nodes
on total number of Fleio clients
from 200 € / month from 20 € / month from 220 € / month

VAT applies to European Union companies according to the EU regulations. Any tax that is specific to the customer purchasing a Fleio leased license is not included in the Fleio price and will be charged extra.