Fleio 2019.10 is now available

Fleio - the OpenStack billing system and self-service portal software - enables service providers to sell public cloud services.

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Fleio OpenStack Billing System and Control Panel Features

  • Customer on boarding

    New users can sign up and add invoicing information. VAT ID is validated online and client is marked as tax exempt if a valid VAT ID is provided.

  • OpenStack compute instances

    End-users can create OpenStack compute instances up to the quota defined in OpenStack. For each end-user, a new OpenStack project is created. Compute instances actions available to staff and end-users: create, reboot, shutdown, rescue, rebuild, rename, resize, change root password, add/remove IP, add/delete security group, access web console, delete, see console log, see CPU and network metrics, create snapshots, attach volumes. When creating an instance end-users can choose: local storage, existing volume or create new volume and choose volume type.

  • OpenStack networks

    End-users and staff users can create networks and add IPv4 and IPv6 subnets.

  • OpenStack routers

    End-users and staff users can create routers and assign networks to them.

  • OpenStack security groups

    End-users can define security groups and assign them to compute instances.

  • OpenStack DNS zones

    End-users can add and edit DNS zones. This feature uses OpenStack Designate API version 2.

  • OpenStack floating IPs

    End-user can deploy floating IP addresses and assign them to instances.

  • OpenStack resource usage and pricing

    Fleio measures the OpenStack compute and storage resource your customers are using with a granularity of seconds, hours, minutes or days. Your customers can see a summary of the current or previous billing cycles, as well as detailed usage information. You can set pricing on the following parameters: instance flavor, instance state, instance type, instance operating system, vCPU count, RAM, local storage space or network volume storage, availability zone, cell; image: storage, availability zone, state etc.; volume size, availability zone, type etc.; flat network bandwidth pricing or tiered pricing.

    Resource usage accounting does not depend on OpenStack Ceilometer project; instead, it uses the internal OpenStack message queue.

  • Payment gateways

    Fleio supports the following payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe and Romcard. Contact us if you need a module for another payment gateway.

  • Tax rules

    Define tax rules per country and county/state. You can also define a start and end date for a rule to apply - useful when VAT rates are changing, for example.

  • Email notification templates

    Staff users can edit email notification templates including translations in other languages. The notifications are send based on the client's language.

  • True multi-currency

    Each client has a default currency and when you change the client's currency, it will not change the currency on the already issued invoice. Clients may have invoices issued in any currency. Services may have fixed pricing or dynamic pricing updated automatically based on exchange rate.

  • cPanel licensing for NOC partners

    Sell cPanel licenses to your customers. Fleio leverages the cPanel manage2 API to create and manage cPanel licenses.

  • cPanel shared web hosting automation

    Sell cPanel web hosting accounts: automatic setup, suspend, terminate.

  • WHMCS module

    An open source (BSD license) fleio-whmcs module is available. Customers can place the order in WHMCS and add credit from WHMCS. The Fleio and OpenStack project are deployed automatically and credit is added to Fleio.


  • Pre-paid or post-paid billing model

    On pre-paid billing model, customers must first add credit and then they will be allowed to create cloud resources. Cloud resources consumption is limited to a configurable balance and cloud resources are (optionally) suspended automatically when defined balance is reached.

  • OpenStack volumes

    End-users can create volumes and can choose region, size and volume type. Volume size increments are configurable. Volumes can be resized, attached to instances and deleted.

  • OpenStack flavors and projects

    Staff users can create and edit flavors and projects.

  • SSH keys

    End-users and staff users can add SSH keys and assign them to compute instances on deployment.

  • OpenStack API users

    End-users can add OpenStack API users authorized to manage cloud resources in their own OpenStack project.

  • OpenStack multi-region

    Fleio supports multiple OpenStack regions, end-users being able to choose region when creating cloud resources.

  • Feature toggle

    Fleio features may be disabled individually. You can enable or disable compute instances, backup, instance snapshots, volumes, OpenStack end-user API, DNS PTR, network, security groups and many more.

  • Pricing and automatic actions based on client groups

    The OpenStack resource pricing and the automatic actions (egg. auto-suspend on out of credit) is configurable per client groups.

  • Product configurable option

    Define setup options and pricing options for products. Widgets available for confirable options: drop down, radio button, quantity input or text field. Configurable options support billing cycles, multi-currency and price per option.

  • Domain name registration and management

    End-users can order new domain name registration and transfer. Unique feature: domain names registration/transfer/renewal cost prices are retrieved from registrars API and staff users can compare costs and choose the lowest. Registrar modules available: OpenProvider and ResellerClub (Logicboxes).

  • Invoicing and charging

    Invoices are issued when customer adds credit (pre-paid model) or at the end of billing cycle based on cloud resources consumption. Automatic notifications are sent on low credit, invoice issued and other events.

  • Billing for any service or product

    You can define pricing for other kind of services, like system administration monthly charge. Define one time price or recurring on: calendar month, X days, X months, X years.

  • Orders fraud check

    Customers' orders fraud check by using the MaxMind API.

  • Staff users' authorization system

    Define authorized operations per staff user or group of users.

  • Shared source

    Fleio is commercial software, but over 99% of our source code is available. Anyone can audit the source.

  • Modern architecture

    Fleio is a Single Page web Application (SPA) and everything is based on an API available to developers and third party tools.

    Our modern architecture allows serving the frontend files from a CDN network, run the staff panel in a VPN and use our REST API to integrate with other systems.