Start Your Public Cloud with Fleio OpenStack Billing System

Fleio - the OpenStack billing system and self-service portal software - enables service providers to sell public cloud services.

Fleio 0.9-alpha is now available to download. Sign up to get a free 30 days trial license.

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Fleio OpenStack Billing System and Control Panel Features

  • Customers on-boarding

    Customers can sign up and order cloud resources right away. Define your own dynamic custom client fields (like VAT ID etc.).
  • OpenStack resource usage and pricing

    Fleio measure the OpenStack compute and storage resource your customers are using with a granularity of seconds, hours, minutes or days. Your customer can see a summary of the current or previous billing cycles, as well as detailed usage information.
  • Invoicing and charging

    You can use our invocing and payments system or the WHMCS open source plugin. Customers are automatically notified when their credit is low and they can add credit any time.
  • Shared source

    Fleio is commercial software, but over 99% of our source code is available. Anyone can audit the source.
  • Self-service modern control panel

    Our delightful mobile-ready control panel allows customers to create and manage compute instances, SSH keys, network volumes, snapshots and backups. Usage graphs, console access and many other features are available.
  • Modern architecture

    Our modern architecture allows to serve the frontend files from a CDN network, run the staff panel in a VPN and use our REST API to integrate with other systems.