Known issues

As of 2020.11.1 we know of this issues:

  • 2020.11.1 only: Upgrading from pre-2020.11.1 versions might crash if you have custom logging setting in See Upgrading to 2020.11.1.

  • Fleio is working only with one Openstack project for each client

  • Possibility of ghost resources. Can be checked running the checkghost script

sh /var/webapps/fleio/scripts/checkghost
Use --help (or -h) for more information regarding the script usage
  • Might not work with Selinux

  • Modifying a pricing rule will be effective in the current billing cycles too, based on the new rule prices

  • Modifying a pricing rule will also be directly effective on the newly generated revenue reports. Does not apply on already generated reports

  • On upgrade from 2020.04.2 and older to 2020.05.0 you might temporarily see 502 bad gateway or 500 internal error in frontend panel. You can ignore it, will be solved in a future release.

  • Router menu might crash if you do not have ROUTER_PORT_DEVICE_OWNER = ['network:router_interface'] in Adding ROUTER_PORT_DEVICE_OWNER = ['network:router_interface'] in will fix the crash.

  • Searching in django admin ServiceDynamicUsageHistory table will return 500 internal server error. Table is obsolete and will be removed in a future release.

  • Metrics with 300 granularity might not work properly.