How to replace enduser AngularJS panel with the new enduser Angular panel


The method described bellow works only with 2021.06.1 or older (in 2021.07 release we have removed the AngularJS panels) and it will not be persistent through upgrades or fleio recreate command.

We recomend this method if you are using the latest version of nginx frontend configuration file.

If you already made changes to the nginx configuration files and you want to also make this change persistent, please see Adding or changing files in Fleio Docker images.

In order to replace the old enduser panel with the angular panel you need to change the nginx configuration which is located in the fleio-frontend-1 container.

First, access the fleio-frontend-1 container as root:

docker exec -it --user root fleio-frontend-1 bash

Install your preferred text editor:

apt-get update && apt-get install nano

Edit the last block in the frontend.conf nginx template:

nano /etc/nginx/templates/frontend.conf.template
location / {
    alias /var/webapps/fleio/frontend/site/;
    expires -1;
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.html;

Change to:

location / {
    alias /var/webapps/fleio/frontend/enduser/;
    expires -1;
    try_files $uri $uri/ /../enduser/index.html;

Notice that we have changed only the try_files line.

Exit the Docker container and restart fleio:

fleio restart