Fleio WHMCS module

Install Fleio WHMCS module

After installing Fleio backend and frontend, we need to integrate with our WHMCS platform.

Let’s assume that your WHMCS instance is installed in /var/www/yourdomain/client.

tar xf fleio-whmcs.tar.gz
mv fleio-whmcs /var/www/yourdomain/client/modules/servers/fleio
cp /var/www/yourdomain/client/modules/servers/fleio/fleioaddcredit.php /var/www/yourdomain/client/

We need now to create an authentication token that will be used by Fleio WHMCS module. We will do that from Django admin panel that we configured in Fleio Installation section http://myadmin/backend/admin/ and login with your admin user.

After logging in click on Tokens under Auth Token section, then on ADD Token from top right corner, select your admin user and click Save.

Under Key column you will notice that a token was issued, for example 455a8ae06a4de0960f095c44dc2d3d0a7c101c956f. You need this token for the next section.

Configure Fleio WHMCS module

  • Login to WHMCS as admin and create a new product from: Setup -> Product/Services -> Product/Services -> Create New Product

  • Under Module Settings on the new product page, select the Fleio module

  • Specify in Fleio Token field the token that we have generated earlier, in our case 455a8ae06a4de0960f095c44dc2d3d0a7c101c956f.

  • Frontend URL is the url of the frontend for client, in our case we have configured it to http://yourdomain

  • Frontend admin URL is the frontend URL of the staff panel, in our case we have configured it to http://yourdomain/staff

  • Backend admin URL is the url of the backend API for staff API, in our case we have configured it to http://yourdomain/backend/staffapi

  • Set the Maximum and Minimum amounts (these are used to limit the amount a user can pay for this service)