Obtaining frontend source code

In a standard Fleio deployment, the Fleio frontend source code is shipped minified and it is included in the fleio-frontend-1 Docker container. Minification is a standard process in the industry by which the TypeScript source code is translated into JavaScript code, made smaller and faster.

If you want to perform enhanced frontend customizations, you need the Fleio frontend TypeScript source code.

The Fleio frontend source code is available to customers who pay for the Fleio license one year or more in advance.

Frontend source code is available for download as a docker image. Image name format is hub.fleio.com/frontend_sources-<version>, where version is encoded as <year>-<month>:<number>. E.g., for the 2023.01.1 Fleio release, the image name is hub.fleio.com/frontend_sources-2023-01:1.

To download the Fleio frontend source code, you need to authenticate to hub.fleio.com using your license ID and license key.

Authenticate using the following command:

docker login hub.fleio.com

After you are authenticated to hub.fleio.com, you can download the Docker image containing frontend source code. For the following command to work, your license must be marked as having access to frontend source code. E.g.:

docker pull hub.fleio.com/frontend_sources-2023-01:1

To extract the source from the image, you need to create a docker container. Below is a list of commands to extract Fleio 2023.01.1 frontend source code from an image. After you execute the commands below, a 2023.01.1.tar.gz archive containing Fleio frontend source should be available in your current host directory.

container_id=$(docker create hub.fleio.com/frontend_sources-2023-01:1 true)
docker cp $container_id:2023.01.1.tar.gz .
docker rm $container_id