General known issues

  • One Fleio client can only be associated with one OpenStack project. One Fleio client working with multiple OpenStack projects is not yet supported. But one Fleio user may be linked to multiple Fleio clients, each client with his own OpenStack project.

  • Some deleted OpenStack resources may still be billed (if some event notifications are lost for example). This can be checked running the checkghost script:

fleio bash
Use --help (or -h) for more information regarding the script usage
  • Modifying a pricing rule will be effective in the current billing cycles too, based on the new rule prices

  • Modifying a pricing rule will also be directly effective on the newly generated revenue reports. Does not apply on already generated reports

  • Router menu might crash if you do not have ROUTER_PORT_DEVICE_OWNER = ['network:router_interface'] in Adding ROUTER_PORT_DEVICE_OWNER = ['network:router_interface'] in will fix the crash.

  • Database logs may sometimes show a warning about aborted connections, “Got an error reading communication packets”, which should not impact Fleio functionality and can be ignored.