Billing / Services

On this page the end user can preview his services after an order was submitted.


Using the controls from the top right corner of the screen (represented in the above image) you can:

-Sort the services by:

  • Name: name of the service

  • Created at: the date when the service was generated

  • Next due date: next date when the service is due

  • Status: status of the service ( can be: Active, Pending, Suspended, Terminated, Canceled, Fraud, Archived )

-Switch the items view to:

  • Card view

  • List view


To generate a service you need to go to the Order Services tab and submit an order.

Click on a card to enter the service details page where you can see other detailed information besides the info from the cards/list view.

You’ll see the following information:

  • Product: product info
    • Name: name of the product

    • Description: product description

    • Payment: payment info

    • Setup fee: product setup fee

  • Created at: the moment when the service was generated

  • Activated at: the moment when the service was activated

  • Updated at: the last moment when it was updated

  • Next due date: the service next due date

The enduser has the possibility to request cancellation of any service. To do so, hover over any card on the list page or use the button from the top right corner of the card on the service details page. ( the following image shows the button hovered )


After clicking the button the following popup is triggered where the user can submit the cancellation request.



  • Cancellation reason (required): details about the request

  • Cancellation type (required) - multiple choices:
    • Immediate: service is immediately cancelled

    • On service due date: service will be cancelled on the service due date

After submitting the form the service will be marked with the following label:


On list view the cancel button is disabled and a warning tooltip informs the user that the service cancellation was already requested