Fleio has true multi-currency support.

To define the currencies that you work with, go to settings in the staff panel.

When an end-user signs up and adds client information, the client’s default currency is set to the globally defined currency. A staff user can edit a client and change her default currency.

When you define a product’s billing cycles, you can decide on one of these policies:

  • A product may only be ordered in certain currencies and may not be available at all in other currencies.

  • You can define arbitrary (lower or higher) product pricing in a secondary currency. The price does not have to be based on an exchange rate.

  • Product cycle pricing in a secondary currency can be automatically updated using the exchange rate from the default currency price. Check the Auto calculate prices checkbox in the edit product cycle dialog box. And make sure UPDATE_RELATIVE_PRICES_BEFORE_PROCESSING_CLIENTS is set to True in

An end-user can only order a product with her default currency. If a product does not have cycles defined with the same currency as the client’s default currency, the end-user cannot order the product. However, a staff user can choose any currency when ordering products for a client, and she can edit a service and change its currency.

Invoices are issued automatically with each service currency. Therefore, a client may have invoices with different currencies.

Fleio independently tracks client credit in each currency and does not perform automatic currency conversion. A client can have a negative credit balance in the default currency and have a positive credit balance in a secondary currency.

A staff user can manually transfer money from one client currency to another. She can subtract credit from one currency balance and add to another, manually calculating the equivalent amount based on an exchange rate.