Django admin

Django admin is an automatically generated web interface that allows you to create, read, update and delete records from the Fleio database.

Django admin can be accessed at


Enabling Django admin in production will publicly expose more information regarding your Fleio installation and this might increase the security risks. We recommend to limit Django admin to your trusted IPs or to enable it only for short periods it just, when you need to access it. Please note that Django admin does not support 2FA, but login requests throttling settings still work.

By default, Django admin is disabled, but you can enable it by changing the ENABLE_DJANGO_ADMIN variable and adding CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS in your file. You can also change the URL path for Django admin from “admin/” (default) to something else using the DJANGO_ADMIN_URL_PREFIX variable. For example, your settings may look like this:

# The URL below must not contain a trailing slash
CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS = ['https://<your domain>']
DJANGO_ADMIN_URL_PREFIX = 'administrator/'

Replace http(s)://<your domain> with your domain and protocol (e.g. or Make sure you do not have a trailing slash in your URL.