Credit estimation calculations looks wrong

By default, Fleio will bill your clients OpenStack resources only for the first 2400000 seconds of a month. This configuration option is enabled by default and can be changed by accessing Settings, Configurations, select a configuration, and see Invoicing section.

The following estimations are calculated based on this configuration option:

  • credit estimation on resource deploy (e.g. instances, volumes, clusters etc.)

  • the amount of days your current credit will last (available in the enduser panel, in the Billing widget)

  • estimated cycle cost (available in enduser panel -> Billing history)

  • general billing for OpenStack resources (e.g instances, volumes, clusters, etc.)


This limit is being applied to all resources that are charged based on an existing OpenStack pricing rule, which is using a different time unit than Billing Cycle.

Also note that price estimation on OpenStack resource create forms won’t take service discounts into account.