Configure fleio for post-payment

In order to configure Fleio to have post-payment billing please access Settings -> Configuration and select your configuration (Fleio comes with “default” one).

On general tab you must have the following settings:

  • Required credit for new services: 0

  • Credit limit:This will need to be configured based on your needs. If you want to have post-payment billing you must set this to a negative value (-100 for example).

  • Check the “Generate Invoice” box

  • Check the “Notify on unpaid invoices” box

  • Uncheck “Enable automatic settlements” box

By having this settings your clients will get a new invoice each billing cycle. The credit limit depends on how much negative credit your clients will be allowed to have. For example, you have the following product:

  • VPS - 10$ / billing cycle If you configure the credit limit to 30$, your client will be able to use the service for 3 billing cycles. Each billing cycle he will receive one invoice with the VPS cost. If he does not pay for 3 billing cycles he will be suspended.

You can have multiple configurations, but one client has only one configuration assigned to him.