Process clients periodic task

Process clients periodic task gathers and computes all the billing information related to your clients. This should run on at least on hourly basis (by default is 15 minutes).

To adjust run frequency see Adjusting the celery beat tasks schedule.

You can see the log of the process clients periodic task in the staff panel, Utilities > Activity log and also in “Periodic task log”.

The full path to the script is /var/webapps/fleio/scripts/process_clients_cron (in Python containers) and has the following options:

  • No arguments provided: will run the script for all your clients

  • -c or –clients: will run the script for the specified client IDs. This can be one ID or a list separated by comma

If you want to manually run the process_clients cron script you need to:

# enter utils container
fleio bash
# change directory to the scripts folder
cd ../scripts
# run the process_clients_cron script