Running Fleio in Docker

This is the guide for running Fleio with Docker using Docker Compose

As a starting point you can use our provided files from fleio.tar.gz

For more information on Docker and Compose installations please read:

Docker installation

Docker Compose installation

Download fleio.tar.gz, extract and switch to the fleio directory.

tar xf fleio.tar.gz && cd fleio

Edit the .env file and change the MySQL passwords and the SUPERUSER and SUPERPASS variables only.

Start Fleio with the command below.

docker-compose up -d
This starts the containers on the background and leaves them running.
If you wish to see the output from the containers just leave out the -d to deploy the applications on the foreground.

You can then access Fleio in your web browser and go to the staff panel at http://localhost/staff and login with the SUPERUSER and SUPERPASS set in .env.

If you wish to run Fleio on a server with a domain name you can further edit the .env file and set the FLEIO_FRONTEND_HOST, FLEIO_FRONTEND_PORT and FLEIO_BACKEND_HOST addresses. Note that the FLEIO_BACKEND_HOST should contains the port also. Ex: (‘localhost:8000’)

Please note that right now, Fleio supports running either on the same host with different ports or on subdomains. This means that the FLEIO_FRONTEND_HOST and FLEIO_BACKEND_HOST should contain the same domain or main domain. If running on different subdomains, you also need to set the FLEIO_CSRF_COOKIE_DOMAIN to the main domain.


Frontend on: frontend.fleio.local

Backend on: backend.fleio.local

Set the FLEIO_CSRF_COOKIE_DOMAIN to fleio.local in .env