Up-to-date credit

For each client and each of his currencies, Fleio tracks two values:

  • credit and

  • up-to-date credit

Fleio does not automatically convert and transfer money from one currency to another.

The credit value increases when the end-user adds credit to his account (after a credit invoice is created and paid) or when a staff user refunds an invoice to credit.

The credit value for a client decreases when an invoice is paid from credit.

A staff user can also arbitrarily add or subtract credit from a client.

The client’s up-to-date credit in each currency is credit minus the cost of all unpaid dynamic usage service cycles in the respective currency. Up-to-date credit is updated when “process clients periodic task” runs. E.g., a client that has a running OpenStack compute instance will see his up-to-date credit decreasing every time process clients task runs. Assuming, there is a pricing rule defined and matching the instance.

The Up-to-date credit is also updated when a credit invoice or an invoice related to a dynamic usage service is paid.

The Up-to-date credit for each currency is visible in the staff panel, on the client details page and staff users can manually trigger up-to-date credit calculation.

The client’s total up-to-date credit is the sum of up-to-date credit in each currency converted to the client’s default currency.

Using the total up-to-date credit converted to Fleio global currency, the credit limits from Configuration are enforced.