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Clients area


The clients dashboard can be displayed in two different types of views:

  • Card view:

  • List view


Filter & sort clients

A client can have the following statuses:

  • Active: client has at least one Active service

  • Inactive: client has no Active services

  • Suspending: Client and services are being suspended

  • Suspended: Client and services are suspended

  • Deleting: Client is being deleted

Only Active clients count against licensing.

You can filter the clients by:

  • Date created

  • Configuration

  • Status

  • Tax exempt

  • Client group

  • Has instances in region

  • Has instances with flavor

  • Has instances on hypervisor

  • Has billing agreement

  • Has services

  • Has instances

  • Has services of type

  • Has service for product

You can also sort the clients by:

  • Company

  • Country

  • Date created at

  • Up to date credit

  • Configuration name

  • Group name

Available actions

To perform actions on a client, you just need to mouseover the desired client (both on card an on list view):


Client details

Client details overview tab


In the overview tab you will see the general information like:

  • company

  • email address

  • country

  • city

  • address

  • zip code

  • phone number

  • ID (client ID)

  • created date

  • client group

  • billing agreement status

  • client credit (up to date credit)

  • current credit

  • if the client is out of cred and the date on which he ran out of credit

Client details invoices tab

In the invoices tab you will see the client’s invoice, and their status:


On the invoices tab you can also access the client’s invoices by clicking on the desired row, or you can create a new invoice by clicking on the “Add invoice” button.

Client details journal tab


On the journal tab you will see the client’s journal entries, with the following details:

  • Entry dte

  • Source

  • Destination

  • AMount

You can also directly access the client’s journal entry by clicking on the desired row.

Client details openstack service tab


On the OpenStack service tab you can manage the client’s OpenStack service. If there’s an existing service then you will see the following details:

  • service status (can be active, suspended, terminated)

  • product name

  • product cycle

  • service (clicking on it will redirect you to the Billing/Service page)

  • project (clicking on it will redirect you to the Cloud/Projects page)

  • project domain ID

On this tab you can also change the pricing plan or terminate the service.

Client details users tab


On the users tab, the staff user will be able to manage the client’s assigned users. You will also be able to impersonate, dissociate and manage roles for the already assigned users.

To associate a new user you need to click on the “Associate user” button, and select a new user from the available ones.


After selecting the user, you will also be required the select the user roles. By default, Fleio will have the Owner or the Member role.


Client details configuration tab


On the configurations tab you will be able to see the client’s Configuration. You will also be able to change the Configuration by clicking the “Change Configuration” button.

Client details cloud resources tab


On the cloud resources tab you will be able to see the following client’s resources:

  • instances

  • volumes

  • networks

  • routers

  • ssh keys

  • images

  • ports

Clicking on any resource on this tab will redirect you to the resource details page.

Client details services tab


On the services tab you will be able to see the client’s services, including the Openstack service. Depending on your configuration you might see other services too.

Client details domains tab


On the domains tab you will be able to see the client’s domains, with the following details:

  • domain ID

  • domain title

  • created at

Clicking on any of these details will redirect you to the domain details.

On this tab you will also be able to register a new domain, directly into the selected client’s account.

Client details domains tab


On the tickets tab you will be able to see see the client’s tickets, with the following details:

  • status (the bar at the beginning of the row)

  • ticket ID

  • ticket title

  • created at

From this tab you can also open a new ticket for the client.