Staff / Utilities / Operations


On the Operations page the staff user can see the list of the operations (such as create instance, delete instance, delete service, delete client etc) and their status.


The operations page can be displayed in two different views:

  • card view

  • list view


Operations details


On the operation details, we can see the following details:

  • operation type

  • created at

  • primary object ID

  • created by

  • completed (yes/no)

  • progress

  • steps completed

Depending on the operation type, you might have additional details. For example, on an create instance operation you will also have the flavor ID, the image ID, the region, the instance name, and the project ID.

Filtering and ordering operations

The operations can be filtered by the following:

  • date created

  • created by

  • completed

  • operation type

  • status

The operations can be ordered by:

  • created at

  • status

Additional notes

  • New operations will be marked with bold

  • Operations can be cancelled. By cancelling an operation, the action that is done (i.e creating an instance) will also be cancelled

  • If you want to mark all operations as viewed, you need to click on the mark all as viewed button in bottom right corner

  • When there is a failed operation that was not viewed, you will have a warning icon in the top right corner

  • Failed operations that were not viewed will always be displayed first