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To understand what is a “service” in Fleio, see billing concepts service page.

List all current services

  • Name: service name

  • Client: associated client

  • Cycle: product cycle used on this service

  • Created at: the date when the service was created

  • Paid until: the date until service is considered as paid

  • Status: displays current status of the service

  • Actions: a number of Actions that can be performed on the service

You can sort the services by: Name, Client, Created at, Paid until or Status.


You can filter the services by: Created at, Updated at, Activated at, Suspended at, Terminated at, Status, Paid until, Client or Product.

Edit service

Services can be edited from the /staff/billing/services/SERVICE_ID/edit page.

Price override

You can use the Price override dropdown in order to apply discounts, make service free or set an override price.

If you select any override option, an Override until date picker also appears on form, where you can fill in a date until the discount applies or leave empty for no limit. Date is being adjusted upwards to cycle end date.

For all types of discounts and for the override value, you can also define tiered values which applies on levels of billing cycle costs.

  1. Standard product pricing - service behaves normally and cost is determined by product pricing

  2. Discount value - define a fixed Discount price which is subtracted from service cost

  3. Override value - define an Override value which sets the final cost of the service to this value

  4. Discount percentage - define a Discount percent which is used to calculate the discount value as a percentage of service cost and then subtracts it

  5. Free service - choose this to mark the service as free

Free service

When service is marked as free using the Price override dropdown mentioned above, “Invoicing” section settings from client configuration will behave like this:

  • “Generate invoices” still issues invoices but with zero price.

    • No invoice is issued if you have “Do not invoice services with zero price” setting enabled, but service cycles will still be eventually marked as paid.

  • “Enable automatic settlements” marks related service cycles as paid but no amounts are withdrawn from client credit.


  • Client up to date credit ignores actual cost of the service

  • Prices in client billing history are shown as strikethrough text but with “zero price” besides them (e.g. 10.00$ 0.00$)


Several actions are available for services:


Clicking on the More button will reveal more actions:


Suspend service

To suspend a service click on the Suspend service button:


A confirmation dialog will appear.

In case of OpenStack service, you also select whether to shelve instances when suspending to reduce resource usage.


If you do not want to shelve instances then all instances will be stopped when suspending the service.

If a service is suspended no resources for that service will be visible from end-user panel.

Terminate service

To terminate a service click on the Terminate service button and a confirmation dialog will appear.

Issue invoice

Perform Issue invoice action on the service to generate a new service cycle and a corresponding invoice.

Change project

The Change project button is available for OpenStack services. Use this to open a dialog where you have multiple choices for changing the associated project of the service:


Shelve all instances for service

In order to shelve all instances for a service you need to click on the Shelve button:


Unshelve all instances for service

In order to unshelve all instances for a service you need to click on the Unshelve button:


Unshelve will restore all instances to running state.