Cloud / Subnet pools

This page allows you to manage subnet pools. Subnet pools are used to group together CIDR blocks in order to be easier to use.

When you access the Cloud > Subnet pools you see a list of existing pools and you will have options to modify or delete existing subnet pools or add a new subnet pool:


In order to add a new subnet pool click the plus button on the bottom right part of the page


and you will be redirected to the create subnet pool form:


Create form fields

When creating an subnet pool you can fill out the following fields

  • Client: an existing client from fleio that will own the subnet pool

  • Region: Openstack region for the subnet pool

  • Name: the name of the pool

  • Description: optional description for the subnet pool

  • Default prefix: default subnet pool prefix

  • Minimum prefix: minimum subnet pool prefix

  • Maximum prefix: maximum subnet pool prefix

  • Shared: check this to mark the subnet pool as shared

  • Default: check this to mark the subnet pool as default

  • List of prefixes: here you can specify a list of prefixes, use plus button to add more prefixes

Once you fill up the required fields you can press Create subnet pool button to create the subnet pool.

Existing subnet pools can be deleted by pressing the delete button on the right side of the subnet pool.


Pressing edit button on the right side of the subnet pool will redirect you to the edit subnet pool form:


The description from create form applies to fields on edit form also.

Finally, clicking on a subnet pool in list should redirect you to the subnet pool details page where you can view subnet pool details.