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Have the same functionality and features like the one from the Client Routers.

Routers area


The routers can be displayed in two different types of views:

  • Card view:

  • List view


The routers can be filtered by:

  • status

  • admin state up

  • region

  • availability zone

  • distributed

  • enable snat


You can also sort them by:

  • created at

  • name

  • admin state

  • region


To perform actions on a router, simply mouse over the desired router (available in both card view and list view).


Create new router

To create a new router go to Routers from the Main Menu and then to Create new router button (bottom right). You need to set a name for the new router here.


The router can be created in both admin project or in a client project (default):


Search routers

To search a router, just type the router in the search box from the top of the Routers page.


Edit routers

To edit a router, select it from your list. You can edit its name, description, and admin state up properties.


Add router interface

You can add a router interface by selecting a subnet that is not already an interface and belongs to the user’s networks.


Remove router interface

To remove an interface, go to the router’s details and click the Delete button next to the interface.


Delete routers

To delete a router select it from your list and hit Delete button.