Clients Custom Fields

Fleio supports custom Client fields in order to accommodate various requirements.
A Client in Fleio has the default fields which can’t be modified, however new fields
can be added and required based on different conditions.

To setup a new custom field, we must set the CLIENT_CUSTOM_FIELDS variable in the file.

Let’s start with an example:

EU_COUNTRIES = ['AL', 'AD', 'AT', 'BY']  # list with a few EU countries codes

CLIENT_CUSTOM_FIELDS = {'vat_id': {'label': 'VAT ID Field',
                                   'required': {'country': {'in': EU_COUNTRIES}},
                                   'type': 'text'}
Each custom field has a name, given by the first key in CLIENT_CUSTOM_FIELDS.
In our case the field name is vat_id.
Our vat_id field has a few settings, let’s look at each of them and some additional settings:
  • name: A string without spaces with the same restrictions as python variables.

    A field is ignored if its name is the same as an existing client attribute or is invalid.

  • label: A string used for display purposes.

  • required: A boolean value, a rule or a callable.
    Defaults to False
    In our case, we require this field only if the client attribute country is in EU_COUNTRIES
  • optional: A boolean value, a rule or a callable
    Defaults to False
    Note that if both required and optional are False, the field will be ignored.
  • choices: Used for select field types
    A list of strings or tuples (ex: [(‘1’, ‘One’), (‘2’, ‘Two’)…])
    The first element in a tuple is the actual value and the second is the display name
  • type: the type of this field, mainly for frontend display.
    Defaults to text if not set
    Supported field types include: ‘text’, ‘select’, ‘check’

The required rule

'required': True  # always required
'required': some_function()  # returns a boolean or a rule value like below
'required': {'city': {'exists': True}}  # required if was set
'required': {'state': {'null': True}}  # required if client.state is None/null
'required': {'country': {'nin': ['AB', 'CD']}}  # required if is not in the list
'required': {'<client_field>': {'<operator>': '<operand>'}}  # generic definition of a full rule

The optional rule

The optional rule is the same as the required rule above. Do note that not setting or setting both required and optional to False will set the field to be ignored.

Supported rule operations include: in, nin, eq, ne, exists, null

Custom fields will be used for Invoices, client messages templates and other client related tasks

With the 2019.09.0 release we have added a new option regarding the client creation process:

  • do not require state for some countries

In order to use this feature you will have to add a new dict in the fleio file:

'FR': False,

In the above case, the state will no longer be required for France.