Email Settings


This page refers to OUTGOING email messages, that is, email messages sent by Fleio. For INCOMING email messages to be recorded in the support ticketing system see Configure incoming email pipe for tickets.

Fleio sends email messages using the parameters defined in the file. See how to edit

You will need a mail server for Fleio to send email messages. Set the values below based on your environment.

DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL is used for email messages sent to end-users and staff users. In the staff panel Configuration, you can override the From email field. The staff panel Configuration takes precedence over the DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL setting.


In case of errors, messages are sent to the email address(es) defined in ADMINS setting. The error email messages have the From field defined this way:

SERVER_EMAIL = ''  # From field of error email messages. Not To field!


The default value for SERVER_EMAIL is root@localhost and your mail server may refuse emails coming from this address. Set SERVER_EMAIL to an email address accepted by your mail server, otherwise you will not receive error related emails.

If your SMTP server doesn’t require authentication, the minimum needed configuration for email sending to work is just one line in

EMAIL_HOST = '' # SMTP server

You can also configure SMTP authentication and other parameters:

EMAIL_HOST = '' # ex:
EMAIL_PORT = 587  # specify SMTP server port, if non-standard
EMAIL_HOST_USER = 'smtpUserName'  # SMTP authentication user, usually the email address
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = 'UserPassword'  # SMTP password
EMAIL_USE_TLS = True  # True if TLS should be enabled, False otherwise
EMAIL_USE_SSL = False  # True if SSL should be enabled, False otherwise

Fleio uses Django underneath and all email settings are explained in the Django documentation:

If you have troubles receiving emails sent by Fleio, see Troubleshoot email messages are not sent.


Please note that if you are using Gmail for SMTP, you have to enable account access for less secure apps. Visit the following link to enable access for your account: