Configure incoming email pipe for tickets

End-users and staff users can open and reply to support tickets using the web interface or by sending email messages to the support department’s email address.

For incoming email messages - from end-users and from staff users - to be recorded in a support, ticket the following configuration is required. These steps have been tested on Ubuntu 22.04, with locally installed Postfix mail server. The commands may differ slightly on other Linux distributions or versions.


This page refers to INCOMING email messages, that is, email messages received by Fleio and recorded in the ticketing system. For OUTGOING email messages, in other words, emails sent by Fleio, see Email Settings.

Install postfix, choose “Internet site” when asked and fill in as “System mail name” the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name), e.g. “”. Note that you need the corresponding MX DNS record of this FQDN to point to the public IP address of the machine where Fleio is installed.

sudo apt install postfix
systemctl enable postfix

Make sure the support department is created and let’s say with email address.

Impersonate the fleio` user end edit the following file:

sudo -i -u fleio
cd /home/fleio
nano .aliases

add the following content to file /home/fleio/.aliases:

support: | "docker exec -i fleio-incomingmail-1 /var/webapps/fleio/scripts/incoming_pipe"


On some systems, the email address you are configuring for a support department may already exist in /etc/aliases. For example “support” is already configured in /etc/aliases on CentOS 8. If this is the case, remove it from /etc/aliases

while still in the /home/fleio/ directory, run:

postalias /home/fleio/.aliases
# exit "fleio" user impersonation

as root, edit file /etc/postfix/ On the alias_maps line, add the new alias file (just the part starting with the comma is newly added):

alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases, hash:/home/fleio/.aliases

and restart postfix:

systemctl restart postfix

At this point email sent to should automatically open a support ticket. Email notifications are also sent when a support ticket is opened or when a reply is added. For outgoing email settings see Email Settings.

Debug incoming ticket emails

For debugging purposes, you may want to log the content of the incoming email messages that are piped to the ticketing system. The mail server pipeline must be correctly configured as explained above in order to actually log an incoming email message.

To enable incoming email message logging add this to


Then you will find the logged email messages in the following path from the utils container:

# enter the utils container
fleio bash
ls /var/fleio/ticket_emails
cat /var/fleio/ticket_emails/...
# to exit the utils container:

alternatively, you can list files directly from the host (without entering the utils container):

fleio bash ls /var/fleio/ticket_emails
fleio bash cat /var/fleio/ticket_emails/2023-5-17/2023-5-17-7-28-476aa961-af22-4fcf-9fef-7049a1aa2047.eml