Releases from 2019

Below is the history of Fleio releases from year 2019.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


Release date: 2019-01-22

v2019.01.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


  • Add links to client from invoice and remove card-in-card displaying of notes on service details

  • Add option to prefix API user with username

  • Add additional filters

  • Disable buttons for actions that enduser don’t have permission to

  • Add flavor groups

  • Add volume boot feature

  • Add cron for process clients billing

  • Disable buttons for actions that staff users or end users don’t have permissions for and add meaningful warning tooltips

  • Improve base url parsing

  • Improve cinder client API version handling

  • Implement proper search for IPv6 using compressed form

  • Add UI for client groups and allow setting default client and user group to be used at signup

  • Add authorization settings for most cloud objects

  • Add setting to define method for getting custom details on pdf invoices

  • Allow end user image upload


  • Fix #1056, #1083: Add support for optimized plugin loading and remove /plugin/ from urls

  • Fix #1077: Validate create server form before submit

  • Fix #1082: Fix reloading app services statuses on dashboard when clicking the reload button not working

  • Fix #1084, #1085: Add frontend support for ensuring OpenStack feature can be disabled without side effects and make sure images in ticket details are not over-enlarged

  • Fix #1086: Allow deletion of instances while under scheduling task state

  • Fix #1088, #1095: Fix filtering options not available for volumes and fix reloading some pages causing applied filters to disappear

  • Fix #1091: Allow users to rebuild instances from an instance snapshot

  • Fix #1094: Make sure tags on client cards do not overflow container

  • Fix #1097, #1663: Paginate users list on user group details page

  • Fix #1101: Handle errors when failing to delete SSH key and show successful message only after deletion was finished

  • Fix #1102: Fix link to fleio being present even on white label licenses

  • Fix #1337: Optimize plugin loading in frontend. Remove /plugin/ from url. Remove required components from states

  • Fix #1461: Change password prompt while bootstrapping environment

  • Fix #1622: Set celery service status on dashboard to active when celery_task_always_eager setting is set to True in settings

  • Fix #1628: Paginate response when getting tickets for linking

  • Fix #1633, #1636: Ensure users can disable OpenStack on fleio without side effects

  • Fix #1641: Allow client deletion in demo mode

  • Fix #1642: Raise ‘400 bad request’ rather than 500 when updating profile and ‘allow_changing_password’ feature is disabled or old password is incorrect

  • Fix #1645: Client field errors do not appear on domain contacts dialog

  • Fix #1648 Error 500 on Staff billing journal page

  • Fix #1075: Improve feature toggle by adding multi level features and features dependencies

  • Fix #1675: Make hypervisor type field on os images allow null values when updating image


Release date: 2019-01-28

v2019.01.1 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.




  • Fix password input in on CentOS 7


Release date: 2019-02-21

v2019.02.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


  • Add cron to delete images and settings to automatically delete old client images

  • Add searching and filtering for hypervisor name

  • Allow adding configurable links in the side menu

  • Add notification settings for clients on billing agreement

  • Take uptodate credit into account for overdue clients

  • Allow retrieval of client billing summary and billing agreement update

  • Add boot from ISO option at create instance and instance actions

  • Allow stopping and restarting of script

  • Allow discounts on OpenStack instances

  • Update OpenStack billing attributes

  • Allow move of instance between clients

  • Made ticket ID format configurable

  • Update dependencies

  • Allow image sharing from staff while creating an instance

  • Add lxc console support

  • Add domains summary and component for enduser dashboard services panel

  • Associate flavors with images

  • Add upload progress for images

  • Add limits settings for clients with billing agreements

  • Allow percent modifiers for pricing rules

  • Add services dashboard panel for endusers


  • Fix #1105, #1107, #1109: Make sure filtering inputs are cleared when switching between filtering options and fix display issues when updating any group, allow filtering users/clients by group

  • Fix #1106: Side menu is not displayed if no license is set

  • Fix #1108: Fix unspecified error when creating a product with module configuration form being invalid

  • Fix #1110 and #1093: Change old, buggy tooltip from close impersonation icon and fix some spacing on enduser dashboard and a romanian translation string

  • Fix #1114 and #1115: make sure there is space between fl-tags on client cards and make sure service name in services tab from client details page spawns in one line in the table

  • Fix #1118: Improve validation in add network dialog

  • Fix #1119: Fix strings not being translated when frontend is minified

  • Fix #1122: Fix refreshing tickets and todo notifications count not working anymore after getting fleio out of idle state

  • Fix #1124: Allow tinymce editor to use lists and move tinymce options settings from constants file to baseconfig

  • Fix #1128: Add warning messages on instance resize

  • Fix #1129: Add frontend support for allowing staff users to change client currency and remove currency dropdown from enduser’s client edit form

  • Fix #1130: Add frontend support for setting user language on signup based on language defined in constants.js

  • Fix #1134: Fix pricing rules layout in client billing history

  • Fix #1136: Enlarge area for tinymce on notification templates edit page and display errors when editing them

  • Fix #1141: Allow filtering only staff users in generic filters by user

  • Fix #1147 and #1123: Update translations files and add custom translation templates only for enduser and staff panels, fix cancelled invoices missing status bar

  • Fix #1148: Change hypervisors filter options on instances page to work with new db fields

  • Fix #1152: Add frontend support for allowing users to add configurable menu items in the side menu

  • Fix #1155: Invoices list display changes

  • Fix #1157: Make sure custom links take into account plugin menu items when being placed in the menu

  • Fix #1159: Makes sure that filter by none option uses either the filtering_value from the related model if defined, otherwise use the id

  • Fix #1162: Display cleanup date in images list view

  • Fix #1164: Fix notifications templates menu item not being conditioned by the right feature

  • Fix #1705: Make ticket ID more visible on ticket list and details pages, make links on ticket details open in new tab, allow <ol>, <ul> and <li> html tags when sanitizing html

  • Fix #1706: Allow searching ticket with # sign in front, add ordering by last updated at and leave only internal status not done as default filter

  • Fix #1708: Make sure user language is always set on signup or when created by staff user

  • Fix #1710, #1730: Fix ticket related emails not being parsed correctly when received as base64 encoded, improve performance on tickets list, allow filtering only staff users on tickets assigned to filter, move ticket id on cards underneath title and send ticket notifications to client’s first related user when ticket was created by a staff member

  • Fix #1711, #1712, #1714: Separate enduser and staff notifications, edit old tickets notification templates and category, send staff notifications to each one individually, add cc recipients to the email sent to ticket owner/enduser

  • Fix #1716: Don’t allow endusers to change client currency and make sure currency will be preselected with the default one on staff client create form

  • Fix #1717: Make sure clients can be deleted even if they have a related custom field that is missing definition

  • Fix #1722: Fix tickets plugin displaying blank page when accessing an url related to a non existing ticket

  • Fix #1723: Enforce custom ticket id format in ticket related notification templates’ titles, extract ticket id from email subjects using dynamically generated regex based on related ticket department ticket id format

  • Fix #1728: Fix API users not loading if one of them has null description

  • Fix #1729: Error sending email when there are no cc recipients

  • Fix #1740: Allow null value for configurations integer fields

  • Fix #1741, #1742: Set next invoice date when creating a service and fix some invoice generation issues

  • Fix #1752: Remove duplicate template notifications features

  • Fix #1667: Fix redundant semicolon being placed after quotation marks in ticket message from the ticket notification mail

  • Fix #1679: Make sure host field on instances always retain host name

  • Fix #1677: Auto settlement is using non existing credit

  • Fix #1684: Cleanup pyc files before upgrade

  • Fix #1681: Make sure notifier will set sender name even if notification doesn’t have a related client

  • Fix #1685: Disable update_frontend command and save custom code in demo mode

  • Fix #1686: Make sure clients can be deleted even if a ticket has a related service of his

  • Fix #1688: Add validation for plugin’s product module configuration fields

  • Fix #1689: Increase default throttle rate for password reset

  • Fix #1693: Fix internal server error when journal item’s related user doesn’t exist anymore

  • Fix #1690: Set frontend URL on the reset password email corresponding to the user (having staff endpoint in URL if user that requests new password is staff)

  • Fix #1692: Filter flavors assigned to image by region

  • Fix #1696: Make sure instances are synchronized even if related flavor doesn’t exist anymore in fleio


Release date: 2019-02-28

v2019.02.1 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.


  • Allow different pricing for clouds objects from for different regions. Add “region” attribute to OpenStack pricing rule filter.

  • Sign up new settings: forbid free email addresses, email confirmation and domains black list and whitelist.

  • Add pricing rules for Swift objects and for floating IP addresses.

  • Add billing metrics help text


  • Fix #1125, #1171: Update dependencies and fix plugins pages not redirecting to cannot connect page when backend is not available

  • Fix #1142: When terminating instance and you go to another page are redirected back to instances page

  • Fix #1158: Do not allow clicking boot from ISO button when no ISOs are available

  • Fix #1161: Display volume name on mobile

  • Fix #1165: Fix cloud resources tab on client details page throwing error when OpenStack service is deleted

  • Fix #1167: Make filtering by client more accurate for ssh keys when accessing list page from client details page cloud resources tab

  • Fix #1169: Search bar does not appear on plugin states

  • Fix #1170: Tired pricing more than 6 decimal error does not disappear

  • Fix #1173: Add filtering when pressing enter key when choosing filter value

  • Fix #1174: Display tooltips for metrics

  • Fix #1177: Do not ask for confirmation on instance start

  • Fix #1180: Fixed flavor and image issues

  • Fix #1181: Instance title has scroll bar when under verify resize state

  • Fix #1188: Redirect to flavor groups page after deleting a flavor group and display region name in flavor selection combo

  • Fix #1702: Fix issue with delete instances being billed after reset usage. Fix crash when deleting client with todo service without settings

  • Fix #1748: Internal server error is raised when trying to reset client usage

  • Fix #1750: You cannot filter instance by status booted from ISO

  • Fix #1754: Fix error when trying to delete OpenStack service with related objects and fix images list page not loading

  • Fix #1759: Fix ordering journal by id

  • Fix #1760: Search bar does not appear on plugin states

  • Fix #1767: Fix flavor and image issues

  • Fix #1770: Fix sender email not being set if notification is not related to a client

  • Fix #1771: Visual bug for DNS zones


Release date: 2019-03-26

v2019.03.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in


  • #1638 Add domain registration and transfer options when ordering web hosting

  • Add revenue report per OpenStack region. Useful for tax purposes when having hardware in multiple US states.

  • #1178 Add setting to display flavors as cards on instance create form

  • #1765 On OpenStack error send email notification to staff (e.g. on instance create fail)

  • #1720 Set default PTR record (reverse DNS) when an IP is deleted or added to an instance

  • #1682 Allow to be rerun and rewrite

  • #1196 Add filtering option to filter using wildcard search, allow wildcard filtering for instance host, image OS distro name, flavor name

  • #1203 Add setting for enabling/disabling local compute storage option on create instance form


  • #1172 Add related invoices link on service details page and fix links not opening in new tab

  • Add OPENSTACK_PLUGIN_DEFAULT_ROLE environment variable

  • #1202 Allow host select on instance migration if supported by nova microversion

  • #1201 On instance create flavors as cards display form validate flavor-image compatibility and show incompatibility warning

  • #1117 Add warning text when suspend instead of terminate is unchecked

  • Add email default From setting in and brush up messages

  • On new product form taxable checked by default

  • Show in red missing cycle message on product

  • #1214: Add more filtering options for journal entries

  • Upgrade 3rd party libs


  • #1783 Internal server error being raised when trying to search for a security group in staff panel

  • #1779 Not being able to edit a flavor from frontend after it was added to a group

  • #1765 Incorrect port handling in updated

  • Fix updated instance update

  • #1774 Instance live migration not working

  • #1793 Cannot create an instance when selecting volume at boot source if local storage is not available

  • #1781 Handle protected error thrown when trying to delete a flavor group that has flavors associated with it

  • Add /var/fleio in docker image

  • #1794 Set default region and OpenStack role on OpenStack credentials submit, handle error when there is no valid default role

  • #1800 Fix name length for OpenStack role name

  • Fix service price overridden check when empty string values

  • Fix datetime to date comparison error in collectorlib

  • #1801 Fix sync exception raised on OpenStack roles

  • #1795 Instance migration issues

  • #1798 Microversion used for compute methods is the oldest

  • #1797 Fix tickets display issues for long ticket id

  • #1796 Cannot access ticket if special characters are included in id format

  • #1804 Wrong client used for ordering products when client is changed

  • #1804 Internal server error raised when trying to order a product with wrong currency

  • #1778 When changing user associated with a client cart does not work

  • #1802 Fix attachment not being added when an end-user creates a ticket from web interface

  • Fix client billing vampire bug: wrong client cycle start date if cycle is created after midnight in EET

  • #1191 Fix users and OpenStack plans search not working

  • Hide search bar for api users list pages

  • #1127 After user login language not changed to user’s

  • #1193 Confirm email notice appears on user profile even if email confirmation is disabled

  • #1198 Cannot save service because of error on cycle select field

  • #1192 Reset search value whenever state is changed

  • #1182 Fix invoice items on invoice details page not appearing in staff panel if more than one

  • #1187 Tinymce breaks link in tickets by making them relative

  • #1200 Order card has no action menu when user name is too long

  • #1206 Display the correct error in toast when placing an order if action fails

  • #1166 Cannot create OpenStack service if checking new project checkbox after invalid input

  • show error and exit on failed migrations (e.g. on wrong MySQL user or password)

  • Fix #1821: Fix next due date generation for service


  • #1809 Store traffic per instance network port. Will allow automatic actions on traffic over-usage: suspend or extra cost. Allow granular pricing on incoming and outgoing traffic, public network traffic and local network traffic.








Release date: 2019-04-17

v2019.04.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in


  • Added instance traffic billing support

  • Add refresh license script

  • Add support for right to left languages in fleio

  • Add openstack router management for end users

  • Add posibility to assign flavors to client groups

  • Store networks tags in Fleio database

  • Add support for multi attachments in ticketing system

  • Allow automatically creation of router and network on order auto setup


  • #1177: Add is_default field in subnet pool list API

  • #1185: Make sure links open in new tab in a correct way

  • #1195: Add color differences and not-allowed cursor for disabled icon/text buttons and md-options

  • #1211: Set focus on input/selects on filtering dialog opening

  • #1219: Show visual change after instance lock/unlock

  • #1227: Allow choosing to create instance snapshot as enduser for staff instance snapshot creation dialog and allow enduser to accept/reject a shared image

  • #1229: Add tooltip hint on disabled pricing rule filter and pricing rule modifier buttons

  • #1228: Add impersonate button next to user on client page

  • #1230: Do not pre-select client in staff new instance and new floating ip form

  • #1232: Change os distro field on image update/create to allow options not in the predefined list

  • #1236: Add tooltips for image-flavor incompatibility on flavor select dropdown. Fix bug where image-flavor compatibility is not checked when selected image type is community

  • #1238: Add option to preselect a network that has a public tag on instance creation form

  • #1240: Highlight and preselect default subnet pool

  • #1698: Log more details in activity log when deleting a client.

  • #1768: Add base URL in frontend customization

  • #1790: Autocomplete department ticket id format with the default one defined in settings on department create form

  • #1811: Make sure instances in fleio keep track of their lock/unlocked status

  • #1820, #1734: Improve handling eventual error when getting instance console url, and add support for spice console

  • #1838, #1839: Deal with shared images and allow staff to create instance snapshot as enduser Allow endusers to see shared images based on feature toggle and allow them to accept/reject shared image. Also separate community and shared images on boot source select tab and let staff users create instance snapshot impersonating the client project

  • #1857: Add more links that open in new tab on plugin pages

  • Allow users to add SSH keys if out of credit

  • Show Project ID on instance detail in staff

  • Add lock and unlock actions for active instances in staff panel

  • Upgrade 3rd party libs


  • Fix #1226: Fix large names for subnets not being visible in network page Right now they use ellipsis text overflow and upon click the table cell is expanded to show the name

  • Fix #1231: Make sure text doesn’t overflow cards on floating ips page

  • Fix #1242: Fixed crash for multiple custom menus in the same category

  • Fix #1763: Update router management code for end-users

  • Fix #1780: Fix low credit notifications not sent for 30 days if they were already sent in this timeframe

  • Fix #1819: Fix configurable option auto calculated price for new cycles being wrong

  • Fix #1822: Make sure client out of credit status gets updated when staff adds enough credit

  • Fix #1832: Fix internal server error being raised when trying to get migrate options for a non existent instance

  • Fix #1834: When attempting to delete a locked instance from end user ports and ips are removed.

  • Fix #1835: Use the auto order service setting defined in configuration when staff creates a client and checks the auto service setup checkbox

  • Fix #1843: Fix typo in

  • Fix #1844: Make sure users cannot delete a currency if it is used in an openstack pricing plan

  • Fix #1849: Fix internal server error raised when trying to get floating ips create options for client without project

  • Fix #1852: Process client cron enters infinite loop for one time cycle

  • Fix #1861: Add reset_db to excluded django commands in

  • Add missing comma in dev settings template










Release date: 2019-05-20

v2019.05.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in


  • Allow marking flavors as out of stock

  • Reorganize tasks and activity log. Log more activities

  • Add setting for enabling cloud-init user data (enabled by default)

  • Save form contents on new ticket/ticket reply if user leaves the page without submitting


  • When end-user creates a new resource (instance, volume etc.) client up to date credit must now be greater than Configuration field Credit limit. This was greater than or equal until this release. E.g. when Credit limit: 0, clients with zero credit are not allowed to create new resources.

  • Add create ticket button on client tab

  • Add client country to PDF invoice

  • Add help texts on frontend customization page

  • Improve selection of networks on instance create. If there is no network to choose from, don’t let user create instance and warn about this, if there is only one network available in the list preselect it and hide the field, if there are multiple networks available preselect first network with a public tag. This can be configured from constants.js

  • Add settings to log emails that pass through incoming email script from tickets plugin

  • Add feature toggle for instance password change action

  • Allow optional client select when creating a zone as staff

  • Improve instance history log display in staff panel by fully expanding log events when requested

  • Add messages about eventual required credit to create resource in fleio and replace addCreditUrl from frontend constants with ADD_CREDIT_URLS backend setting

  • Add kvm and lxd as options on image hypervisor type field and make os_hypervisor_types choice list configurable from django settings

  • Allow hiding or changing required status of root password field on instance create through constants.js settings

  • Upgrade 3rd party libs


  • Fix #1769: Allow deletion of error_deleting volumes. Process notifications needed to detect error_extending status

  • Fix #1776: Improve error message for notifications url format in OpenStack settings. Show more details when validating conf URL field about schemes and do not show the error as json when it is received as a dictionary

  • Fix #1848: Fix updated status being shown as not running on docker installations Add lockfile for updated to keep track of its status

  • Fix #1871: Show license details even if OpenStack configuration is invalid

  • Fix #1873: Fix ticket opened from email still containing the text inside removed <style> tags Also add test for email parsing into ticket

  • Fix #1876: Fix apostrophe being escaped in ticket notification title

  • Fix #1879: Fix ‘delete’ button not showing completely on tiered pricing rule.

  • Fix #1880: Fix broken search bar in firefox due to angular material update

  • Fix #1883: Fix misalignment between cards on end-user profile page

  • Fix #1885: Align ‘attachment upload in progress..’ message on ticket details form to the center and underneath the spinning circle svg

  • Fix #1939, #1942, #1944: Fix instance creation crashes caused by API version comparison, no nics being send and create from volume

  • Fix #1941: Pricing rules ignore instance state

  • Fix #1952: Do not replace markers with empty code when updating frontend from frontend customization

  • Fix #1957: Add setting for preselecting and hiding networks field on instance create form if there is only one network

  • Fix #1962: Fix errors when trying to create instance using community image

  • Fix #1963: When creating a security group rule make sure that protocol and port range are set accordingly

  • Fix #1964: Make sure client billing agreements status is set for all clients even if one client is not found by external billing ID

  • Fix #1966: Fix credit notifications sent every time client cron runs

  • Fix #1971: Fix translation issues, add more strings for translation

  • Fix #1975: Add verify resize info tooltip on warning icon

  • Fix #1983: Fix order status not being updated when auto order product on signup/client create is active and the related product has auto setup on order create active, also activate service and mark order as completed only if product has auto setup when order is created setting active

  • Fix #1986: If add credit feature is disabled do not display add credit link on not enough credit warning when creating a new resource




  • In Staff panel Utilities > Task log menu option has been hidden. Tasks are now visible under Activity log entries. You can still access old view via URL /staff/utils/tasklog. This will be removed in the following versions as well.


  • We’ve removed externalBillingUrl from constants.js as this was redundant. There is now a single place where you define this: in, ADD_CREDIT_URLS.




Release date: 2019-06-11

v2019.06.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in


  • Add second factor authentication support in Fleio

  • Add Google authenticator and SMS authenticator second factor authentication methods

  • Add settings for issuing invoice x days before service due date

  • Allow custom defined themes in fleio

  • Add support for subnet editing

  • Add support volumes backup


  • Allow adding custom headers in requests

  • Filter images by flavor type when flavors as card is active

  • Add user data to instance rebuild form

  • Updated password field on instance rebuild form to take into account required and visible settings for root password from constants.js

  • Optimize instance console launch

  • Allow searching of instances by hypervisor name

  • Display hypervisor name in instance list

  • Add region column to flavor list in flavor group details

  • Allow sorting of flavor groups in instance creation form

  • Improve error messages when user attempts to delete a locked instance

  • URLs in CORS_ORIGIN_WHITELIST now require schema specification - see

  • Upgrade 3rd party libs


  • Fix #2044: Fix volume backups list page failing because a volume backup doesn’t have a related volume and fix deleting volume backup when related volume does not exist

  • Fix #2040: Fix unhandled exception when a service is unavailable in fleio openstack discovery

  • Fix #2038 Unending spinning progress in image table

  • Fix #2037 Delete button on image page not working

  • Fix #2031: Fix incorrect calculated instance traffic. Add some tests for traffic collecting

  • Fix #2028 Add description setting for automatically created security groups

  • Fix #1996: Fix text overflowing activity log row on mobile screens and fix activity log display when language has right to left direction

  • Fix 2010: Fix traffic for first recorded month and incorrect traffic computing

  • Fix #2007: Reset cancellation request on a service when the service is reactivated by staff

  • Fix #2013: Change image type from image_snapshot to owned_image and fix boot source when booting from community images

  • Fix #2012: Do not allow region change when editing a flavor

  • Fix #2015: UpdateD crash when RabbitMQ URI has ssl=1










Release date: 2019-07-09

v2019.07.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in


  • Add support for openstack magnum kubernetes

  • Add posibility to download images

  • Add possibility to add ticket opener in the new ticket opened notifications

  • Conditioned displaying shared or external networks to end user by feature toggles

  • Allow end-users and staff to generate OpenRC file from API users list page

  • Allow adding multiple ssh keys on instance create/rebuild

  • Set instance root password and ssh keys through cloud-init userdata and allow adding extra userdata templates for end-user and staff instances in

  • Allow defining LXC console proxy endpoints per region

  • Allow regions to be disabled for end user from django admin - end user will not see the disabled regions


  • Make amount value on staff billing journal page orange if the payment needs to be captured

  • Add icon with tooltip to note that input should be split with spaces if it exceeds 255 chars on zone details page TXT records

  • Document endpoint settings for LXC console

  • Show bootable flag on volume details page

  • Redirect to previous url when leaving cannot connect page after a connection to the server was established

  • Upgrade 3rd party libs


  • Fix #1676: Fix romcard transaction not getting updated after capture action. Fix invoice and new transaction not getting updated after refund action

  • Fix #1859: Use random id for ticket attachments

  • Fix #2043: Show missing disk format and container format info on end-user image details page

  • Fix #2045: Save region for volume backups

  • Fix #2046: Fix frontend requests rejects (e.g. email not confirmed, ..) not redirecting on the right state sometimes and also make sure only one toast appears telling about the error and not multiple ones at the same time

  • Fix #2047: Handle errors when Amazon SNS settings are incorrect or missing

  • Fix #2051: Filter images by assigned flavor when flavors as cards is active. Fix various problems when region/client is changed

  • Fix #2065: Fix edit subnet dialog not showing the enable dhcp property of subnet properly

  • Fix #2066: Filter flavors on resize instance form based image-flavor/flavor group association

  • Fix #2067: Make hypervisors column in instances list ellipsis-text

  • Fix #2068: Fix new projects name template setting not taken into account

  • Fix #2072: Make the nginx default template allow static content from stripe

  • Fix #2074: Make sender name setting work even if sender email was not set

  • Fix #2075: Remove hardcoded IP in LXC console

  • Fix #2076: Incorrect time range in invoices generated for a service

  • Fix #2081: Make sure image type is set when running sync

  • Fix #2082: Keep capitalization in filtering dropdown options text

  • Fix #2085: Make sure bootable attribute for volumes gets updated in fleio when volume is created/updated

  • Fix #2087: Handle subnet creation without gateway and fix dns, host routes, allocation pools not appearing on subnet update form and not being able to update them

  • Fix #2098: Fix not being able to update images os_distro field and add fedora-atomic to choices for os_distro field

  • Fix #2099: Security group rule for ‘All ICMP’ cannot be created

  • Fix #2102: Fix tinymce handling of absolute urls

  • Fix #2106: Do not translate Romcard description param in request










Due to a misconfiguration stripe payment page won’t load correctly and you will need to do some changes in nginx conf if you update Fleio from an older version.

Edit /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/[YOUR_DOMAIN].conf and add the following:

location /static/stripe {
    alias /var/webapps/fleio/project/fleio/billing/gateways/stripe/static/stripe;

Restart nginx service after editing the file in order to apply the changes.


Release date: 2019-08-06

v2019.08.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in


  • Add support for volume snapshots.

  • Add support for reverting volume to snapshot

  • Add support to display price for snapshot storage. You can now configure a pricing rule for volume / instance snapshots based on storage.

  • Add option to send mass email to clients. You can now send mass emails on clients that are filtered by status, groups, regions, flavors, configuration etc. Mass email can be configured to send in configurable batches and interval times

  • Add option to preserve flavor id when editing flavor

  • Add feature toggle to allow resize to flavors with less disk space

  • Add differentiation between second factor authenticators cards

  • Add lite mechanism for state retrieval retries where notifications or callbacks are missing


  • Add boot from volume feature toggle for staff and hide boot from volume when volumes are disabled for region

  • Add ‘Grant new permissions explicitly’ flag in Authorization UI

  • Add authorization for revenue reports

  • Removed instance name field at rebuild instance

  • Allow user to set a custom PDF generation callable

  • Display billing cycle only if it’s set to s/m/h. Hide it if it’s “billing cycle”

  • Move billing menu below cloud menu button for end user

  • Add display name field to price modifier

  • Do not allow to add a recurring cycle to a product if it already has a one time cycle and vice versa

  • Changed several UI icons to be more meaningful (delete resource, edit image, detach volume etc)

  • Filter create from ISO temporary image properties. Allow configuring disk format in create from ISO

  • Show text that no keys are available on ssh keys select dropdown when user has no keys to choose from

  • Allow setting hash method to use for crypt when hashing password for instances in settings file. Use SHA512 by default

  • Let root password field be visible when creating instance from volume

  • Show region in images list view

  • Include client external billing id in staff services list

  • Create log file for event notifications received from Openstack


  • Fix #1028: Fix instance snapshots not appearing in snapshots tab when they are related to volume snapshots

  • Fix #2113: Fix phone number not being updated on SMS second factor authenticator details page for new users

  • Fix #2114: Fix volume backup extra details synchronization task showing unknown activity in activity log

  • Fix #2122: Fix UnorderedObjectListWarning being shown

  • Fix #2128: Fix create instance issue when some image is shared with the user. Fix move image

  • Fix #2130: Fix objects not being correctly synced on volume restore.

  • Fix #2133: Fix various translation issues. Add component and setting to define ‘click here to add one’ image location.

  • Fix #2137: Add confirmation dialog to detach volume operation

  • Fix #2141: Fix not being able to create instance from ISO anymore

  • Fix #2146: Secure OpenRC file generation. Request OS api user password when sourcing file.

  • Fix #2153: Ensure rule price is minimum 0.01 per resource. Round rule price and modifier

  • Fix #2156: Shrink instance name on snapshot create dialog if it is too long

  • Fix #2160: Fix image page title

  • Fix #2164: Fix credit being refunded when Openstack service is terminated

  • Fix #2165: Fix image properties not showing on client side in properties tab or on image details

  • Fix #2166: Fix showing duplicate names for templates in template selector for signup settings if related template has more languages defined

  • Fix #2167: Send signup confirmation email in the correct language (the user chosen or default one from constants)

  • Fix #2173: Use iso properties when creating instance from ISO

  • Fix #2177: Fix Fleio crash if volume endpoint does not exists for region

  • Fix #2182: Filter create from ISO temporary image properties. Allow configuring disk format in create from ISO

  • Fix #2191: Fix overflowing text when booting from iso


  • Romcard Recurring payments




  • Docker installation




  • In this release docker installation support is removed. Only installation from packages on supported distros is available.

  • When sending mass email to clients only filter will be considered, search text will be ignored.

  • Fleio does not support multiple Openstack Services per client, allowing multiple Openstack Services per client may cause issues


Release date: 2019-09-10

v2019.9.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in


  • Add networking tab for instances in end-user panel

  • Allow users to enable or disable notifications. Also allow users to individually enable / disable notifications

  • Add PayU gateway

  • Add support for recurring payments. Support recurring payments for Romcard gateway

  • Add IPV6 reverse DNS support

  • Add a new signal for instances that are booted from ISO

  • Add two new notifications for staff users: new order and invoice payment

  • Add option to display only public traffic for instances. Displaying public traffic only can be activated via INSTANCE_TRAFFIC_DISPLAY setting in Fleio settings file

  • Add create invoice button on client’s invoices tab

  • Add permissions in authorization settings page for client and service deletion

  • Add feature toggle for disabling file uploads for images

  • Add CEPH object storage metrics

  • Add script to check if usage was correctly calculated in the past billing cycles and to settle usage if necessary.

  • Add option for clients to mark all notifications as read

  • Add option to boot from volume in community images tab on instance boot source select dialog

  • Add tooltip to show image names on boot from iso and rescue image card selection

  • Add information on which instance the volume is attached to on volume details page

  • Add external billing id for services

  • Add possibility to mark billing histories as invoiced from external module


  • Mark terminated services related project as deleted and hide them to keep revenue data. Until now, the services were deleted. With the latest release we changed how this is working. See more on the 2019.09.0 blog post:

  • Allow creating instances from volume snapshots

  • Increase ssh key size

  • Manually issue invoice for service

  • Do not allow a regular user to be updated to staff if he has clients associated

  • Replace trash button with x on filters

  • Move billing menu below tickets for end user

  • Display error message and prevent accepting order if product is misconfigured for cpanel and cpanel server products

  • Allow filtering clients with billing agreement

  • Make sure instance related resource usage log end date is set. Add script to check ghost resources Also added a bash script so you can easy check the ghost resources.

sh /var/webapps/fleio/scripts/checkghost
Use --help (or -h) for more information regarding the script usage
  • Update delete service dialog message to inform the user that billing information will also be lost on service deletion.


  • Fix #2192: Do not allow a regular user to be updated to staff if he has clients associated

  • Fix #2193: Superuser label does not show on user details form

  • Fix #2202: Fix clients view when client is assigned to multiple groups and also display only first group for a client

  • Fix #2215: Preserve existing flavor id checkbox appears at flavor creation

  • Fix #2218: Fix invoice created by staff with “Paid” status not getting the fiscal invoice number automatically

  • Fix #2219: Automatically set as paid invoice when it is created with 0 balance

  • Fix #2221: Preserve new lines on invoice item description on invoice details page and on pdf invoices

  • Fix #2226: Show fiscal number in client’s invoices tab

  • Fix #2230: Redirect to product details after creating new product

  • Fix #2231: Remove extra spaces on invoice and other places

  • Fix #2232: Do not allow currency selection on add payment. Default to invoice currency.

  • Fix #2233: Show invoice as paid right after adding payment from staff panel

  • Fix #2237: Fix missing delete action on list view

  • Fix #2240: Use cpu, network.*.packets and networks.*.bytes metrics instead cpu_util and *.rate metrics for displaying instance CPU/network metrics

  • Fix #2253: Action buttons overflow the image card

  • Fix #2264: Show confirmation dialog on transaction actions in journal

  • Fix #2274: Fix not displaying the correct amount for revenue report per location

  • Fix #2281: Typo on send mass email page

  • Fix #2282: Set client active when resuming a service for a suspended client

  • Fix #2284: Fix next invoice date and next due date after new order and payment

  • Fix #2290: Fix incorrect path to django locale in base_settings. Fix various translation issues.

  • Fix #2292, #2293: Cancel pending service and unpaid invoice when canceling order

  • Fix #2294: Fix port creation and allocation to instance(and related ips) not appearing anymore in activity log

  • Fix #2295: Text is overflowing on rescue

  • Fix #2298: Fix overlapping text in billing history resource details on mobile screens

  • Fix several typos and other small bugs.






  • Removed default volume type option on volume creation dialog






Release date: 2019-10-10

v2019.10.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in


  • Add terms of service system feature

  • Add checkbox to configure automatic payments, remove button. Allow defining terms and conditions text regarding auto-pay for each gateway.

  • Add option to product to hide services in end-user panel

  • Add support for recurrent payments using PayURO

  • Add support for recurring payments using Stripe. Improve refunds flow when using stripe

  • Add configuration option to have only calendar months as billing cycles

  • Add setting to force config drive for any instance create

  • Improve support for fiscal invoices


  • Change ‘Error when converting attribute’ error to warning since it is handled

  • Moved notification templates help text to fleio.notification.formatting in order to be importable from

  • Added region name on flavor card

  • Allow search in activity log by more keywords, allow filtering in activity log based on action and category

  • Added a verify_resize_message setting in constants.js that will be automatically appended to verify resize message


  • Fix #2302: Fix item description in pdf invoice when using long words. Fix invoice details when using long words in item description

  • Fix #2313: Add taxes to items on manually issued invoices

  • Fix #2315: Allow changing volume bootable flag

  • Fix #2319: Add address on PDF invoice

  • Fix #2321: Error when collecting traffic data

  • Fix #2322: Fleio upgrade fails if mariadb was upgraded just before fleio

  • Fix #2325: Change trash bin to x when revenue reporting generation is not completed

  • Fix #2327: Do not display stack trace on payment exception when setting invoices from credit

  • Fix #2330: Do not start instances stopped by client on client resume

  • Fix #2331: Be more specific on number input field error messages (specify min/max/step value)

  • Fix #2337: Custom ICMP rule type and code cannot be 0

  • Fix #2338: Do not allow re-activating a terminated service of type Openstack

  • Fix #2342: Fix error when retrieving notification setting without display name

  • Fix #2347: Change opened by with client name for tickets cards form

  • Fix #2350: Fixed some parameters in activity logs

  • Fix #2351: Encrypt PayURO recurrent payments details in db

  • Fix #2356: Typos on configuration page

  • Fix #2357: Make sure process clients cron won’t overlap

  • Fix #2366: Make sure client’s images are deleted on termination even if they are protected

  • Fix #2373: Hide incompatible flavors on launch image

  • Fix #2376: Instance disk is raw even if format is set to qcow2

  • Fix #2384: Fix traffic rules when no other rule exists. Fix traffic rule applied several times on instance

  • Fix #2391: Fix collect usage when tiered rules are used

  • Fix #2396: Fix user configured recurring payment options not being correctly ordered by preference










  • For #2376, qemu-img executable should be available on the machine that has Fleio backend installed.


Release date: 2019-11-07

v2019.11.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in


  • Add setting in configurations to add initial credit for newly created clients

  • Add support for setting and removing flavor properties in Fleio

  • Add service billing history concept


  • Link billing history to service instead of client

  • Support multiple Openstack services per client (no more than 1 being active)

  • Add on-hold status for tickets

  • Change ticket colors based on status

  • Show what version of ToS users has accepted on user details

  • Allow defining in the desired format for SSH private keys and default it to traditional OpenSSL format

  • Make preserve flavor id checkbox on flavor edit checked by default

  • Add hypervisor on instance details for end user


  • Fix #2252: Region shows twice if the flavor is hidden

  • Fix #2386: Fix not being able to launch a private image for a client from staff panel when using flavors as cards

  • Fix #2405: Show image is snapshot on image card and table view page

  • Fix #2410: Fix not being able to associate a floating IP that was previously associated to a port and now is free

  • Fix #2411: Show floating ips under ports in instances networking tab. Fix disassociate button not working for enduser floating ips and fix tooltips and text

  • Fix #2420: When changing existing service cycle, also re-calculate prices for related configurable options

  • Fix #2421: Fix overflowing text on instance create form when image source name is too long

  • Fix #2422: Prevent service cycle change for services with unpaid invoices

  • Fix #2434: Do not show community images in enduser my images page

  • Fix #2436: Fix missing translations

  • Fix #2449: Do not sanitize code when staff is saving notification templates

  • Fix #2453: Associate ip-port selection shows the ip instead of port

  • Fix #2463: Fix collect traffic data when measures are missing from gnocchi

  • Fix #2464: Do not show 404 on instance metrics tabs when measures are missing from gnocchi

  • Fix #2477: Fix estimate usage not being able to determine next cycle when calculating hours left and billing cycle as month is active

  • Fix #2479: Disk space is not showing if instance is booted from iso

  • Fix #2483: Fix not being able to see TOS preview page if end-user / staff user is not logged in.

  • Fix #2486: Fix network resource last check date update when measures are missing from gnocchi

  • Fix #2489: Correct text for the “from” input field in send mass email page

  • Fix #2492: Remove port range parameter when creating ALL ICMP security group rule

  • Fix #2494: Increase the username text input length.


  • Reseller feature: user & client support








  • Reseller feature is in an early alpha state.


Release date: 2019-11-07

v2019.11.1 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in






  • Fix #2510: Fix migrations when there may not be os services related to client billing


  • Reseller feature: user & client support








  • Reseller feature is in an early alpha state.

  • This patch was released to fix a critical bug from v2019.11.0. That bug applied only in the cases where client billings didn’t had a service assigned.


Release date: 2019-12-12

v2019.12.0 is a stable version.

For a full index of Fleio releases see changelog.

From the 2019.03.0 release we’re following the guidelines in


  • Reseller feature

  • Add customer reply and answered status to tickets

  • Add missing tooltips and add styling to some card containers


  • Change user name to user name or email address on login form


  • Fix #2417: Add setting to define what file formats users are allowed to choose on image create page

  • Fix #2468: Add setting in configurations for adding tax on invoices generated to add credit (defaults to true)

  • Fix #2511: Add display_number variable in new invoice notification template

  • Fix #2513: Fix 500 internal server error when manually issuing invoice for default Openstack service

  • Fix #2526: Use only last pricing rule that applies when calculating instance traffic costs

  • Fix #2530: Fix billing history throwing 500 error when related service has no OS project

  • Fix #2557: Fix searching service dynamic usage histories throwing 500 error in django admin

  • Fix #2561: Display hipervysor on instance list

  • Fix #2564: Switzerland VAT ID validation always fails

  • Fix #2570: Tiered rules are not working correctly

  • Fix #2575: When received by external module (fleio-whmcs) mark service unsettled dynamic usage billing history periods as invoiced

  • Fix #2576: Fix rule evaluation for port traffic

  • Fix #2592: Private pricing rules are not calculated correctly

  • Fix #2596: Fix revenue report generation crashing in december

  • Fix #2642: Fix live migration not working when compute api version is greater than or equal to 2.68